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  1. S

    Medical Appeal

    After a long medical process I was referred to the senior medical officer for a bout of hair pulling when I was a teenager and some weeks later pronounced PMU for 'a prolonged anxiety related episode during [my] mid teens'. I am planning to appeal it, on the grounds that I believe the hair...
  2. Anchorarmsjoe92

    Can I join the RNR with light arthritis?

    I'm 23 and I've been training and planning to join the Royal Navy but this year I've been having some pains in my joints and it got so bad I went to the hospital and 3 doctors all said they are sure it's arthritis but just waiting to see the Rhumatologist to get the final verdict. Most of the...
  3. Anchorarmsjoe92

    Joining the Royal Navy Reserves

    Im looking at all my opinions and one of them is the Royal Navy Reserve and from looking into the joining process and I was wondering if the RNR do the PRNC like the RN regulars. Also if anyone wants to list a full joining process and everything it intails that would be appreciated but not...