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    Hello I’m looking to join the navy next year and was going through all the roles. In 18 and looking to apply soon. I’m mainly joining for the experience and the travel and not looking for a major serious role. I was wondering what are some good enjoyable, fun roles with lots of travel. My main...
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    Crypto Technician or WS Intelligence?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently preparing to send off my RN application but am stuck between two main roles. Originally I was going to go for WS (which is a role im still keen on) however i’ve looked into both CT and WS Intelligence. I have in interest in intelligence so I was wondering if anyone...
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    Best roles for overseas opportunities.

    Hows it going guys, im currently serving in the Raf and im looking to transfer over. Ive seen a few trades that seem interesting, however i dont know what navy life is like so im asking for some guidance. So far ive seen: Mine clearance diver air traffic control officer PTI Engineering onboard...
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    Royal Navy test and Roles

    Recently applied for the Royal Navy as I had in the past but failed the test for the role In which I applied for, they then offered me a chef position and I stupidly turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to the see world as much as the...