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  1. jsdoddy

    Next Stage - RNR

    Hi All, I am now at the final stages of my application to the RNR (General Entry Officer). I am at the point of Triage over the phone. I have been told that I will be able to join up at my local RNR branch for Phase-0 training either way, prior to completing fitness test and then move on to...
  2. 1

    RNR Bounty (CofE) Rates for Project Firefly?

    Grateful for a steer on what Reference (e.g. BR / JSP) states the Bounty / Certificate of Efficiency payment tiers for the RNR. My understanding is - though I could be wrong - that Project Firefly transfers do not go in at the basic tier; though haven't found that anywhere official. Just want...
  3. jsdoddy

    RNR - Work/Study/RNR Balance

    Hi, I have always wanted to join the Royal Navy and almost did back in 2016, however I broke my Scaphoid bone before my PRNC. Since, I have continued with life and my career etc. but still want to join at some point in my life. I have decided to apply for the RNR through the officer route due...
  4. Anchor Faced

    Going Regular

    Good evening all, I wanted to start this thread about RNR going regular because I have observed a wide variety of experiences and am attempting it myself. Hopefully shed some light on it, all experiences will differ and are to be taken with a pinch {read: shovel} of salt. The more people that...
  5. A

    Need Advice: Reserves to Regulars

    Hello all, I am currently in the RNR and have been for the past 6 months. I have not yet completed any of my phase 1 courses as they have all been cancelled due to coronavirus. It was my aim to transfer/ apply to the regulars as soon as my phase 1 courses were done. However, by the time they...
  6. T

    Application Cooldown

    Afternoon all, I originally applied to join the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer about 2 years ago, when I put in a joint application to the RN and the RAF (as a Pilot). I "failed" the medical on my hearing, which was at the level required for Pilot in the RAF, and never appealed as I started a...
  7. U

    Summer Employment RNR

    Hi Everyone, In a strange spot (figuratively ;) ) where I'm about to begin medical school in Ireland (ROI), being based in Dublin. I went to the RNR branch in NI and spoke to the great team there. They don't give out bursaries to students outside the UK, understandably. So I'm wondering if I...
  8. Anchor Faced


    Hello all, Anyone with experience applying please help: I have seen an FTRS of interest in the lists, found the application form too. Under the CV section do you go into the same level of detail as I would on a Civvie one or outline it now and detail later? (I don't wish to bore the person...
  9. TuckerKlein

    HMS President RNR

    I recently joined the unit and have a of couple general questions. Is there anyone else that is or has trained there? There’s a drill night tomorrow (I think) and don’t want to look like a complete lemon and make a good impression.
  10. TuckerKlein

    Not another RMR post...

    Good Evening All, Long time lurker first time poster. After what felt like a recruitment eternity (although actually quite quickly by all accounts - 9 months even with a medical appeal/ PMU!). I recently attested into the RNR as a general entry rating with all parts of the joining process...
  11. M

    Attended live event, noted interest..what now?

    Hi, I'm keen to join the RNR and have waited a long time for 'the right time'. I attended a recent live event with my other half and loved it, at the night we gave our details if interested in joining and now I'm wondering how long it usually takes for the RNR to get in contact and start the...
  12. Anchor Faced

    AOP 18 *Observe opsec & persec*

    *Observe opsec & persec* If there are OC's looking to do AOP 2018, please feel free to get in touch for a chat. I know there is the pre-AOP weekend but it is always good to start getting to know people asap. Dates have been posted to YOTOs, looks like TAO time to me.
  13. baldie

    Royal Navy Reserves whilst applying to be Officer?

    I am currently in the application process to be an Aircrew Officer. I have my FATS very soon and if all goes to plan my AIB after that. However, I was informed by my ACLO that the selection board for Aircrew is at the start of Febuary for the May intake. As I will most likely be trying for...
  14. J

    General Entry Officer Reserve - Naval Intelligence?

    Hello, I have looked through the RNR recruitment website in the last few weeks and found that General Entry Officer might be my route into being a reservist with Naval Intelligence. I tried asking questions about Naval Intelligence on the online chat function the recruitment website has, but...
  15. W

    BRNC - Confirmation Course

    Firstly, let me apologise for starting yet another thread. I think (hope) this will be the last one prior to my upcoming sift interview. In addition to the overall training pipeline (For those of you looking for this, @CmdKeen helpfully gave a detailed account of the current training pipeline...
  16. W

    Returns of Service

    Another post which has originated from my research in preparation for my SIFT Interview. Am I correct in saying that there is no formal return of service for the RNR? More specifically, RNR Officers? I have spent ages scouring google and having read BR3(1) Chapter 53 which deals with Return of...
  17. W

    Up-to-date General Entry Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi everyone. I'm currently preparing for my SIFT interview (although, it appears to be called a Career Discussion now). Can anyone assist with a detailed chronology of the training pipeline (Post AIB) for an RNR Young Officer? I am aware there have been changes over the years. Having spent...
  18. MenInSlacks


    Hello again all, Having passed the PJFT by the skin of the teeth (due to stupidly pulling my calf training for it :confused:) I was just wondering if anyone had advice on, or experience with, what I should buff up on before my SIFT interview? (And additionally, anything that would be good for...
  19. S

    RNR, RMR or URNU?

    Hello. I'm currently considering a career as a medical officer in the navy, and I'm exploring options for what to do during uni. I'm trying to choose between the RNR, RMR, and (if I get the offer from a university that has one) a URNU. I'm interested in joining as a medical officer, and...
  20. MenInSlacks

    After initial officer training

    Hello all, The thing that killed the cat is bugging me again so I thought I'd post about it here. While it'll be a while for me (hoping all goes to plan), I was just curious as to what happens to RNR officers once they've completed the initial training element? Only been told very vaguely and...