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  1. TuckerKlein

    Not another RMR post...

    Good Evening All, Long time lurker first time poster. After what felt like a recruitment eternity (although actually quite quickly by all accounts - 9 months even with a medical appeal/ PMU!). I recently attested into the RNR as a general entry rating with all parts of the joining process...
  2. S

    RNR, RMR or URNU?

    Hello. I'm currently considering a career as a medical officer in the navy, and I'm exploring options for what to do during uni. I'm trying to choose between the RNR, RMR, and (if I get the offer from a university that has one) a URNU. I'm interested in joining as a medical officer, and...
  3. D

    Officer in the RMR

    Hello, Is it possible to become a officer in the RMR as a troop commander. From what I gather online is that I can apply to become a officer after phase 1. Thank You.
  4. Hoofingrunashore

    Joining the Reserves

    As I've said before, I'm joining the reserves when I turn 16 and I've been wandering where do I go to join and what is the process?
  5. Hoofingrunashore

    When does the RMRs recruit in the year?

    I'm looking to join the Royal Marines Reserves when I turn 16. However, I've been told they're only open for training/recruitment in September and my 16th is in November and I'm joining the Regular Marines when I turn 18 and I want to do 2 years reserves whilst I do my A-levels. Could someone...