richard hunter

  1. rebbonk

    Denim to Khaki: The Trilogy - Overview - Ian S Varty

    On the Amazon pages the author says that he started writing then realised that what he was doing broke naturally up into three parts for a trilogy. I only partly agree. The trilogy we are presented with doesn’t (IMO) work at all. Running to almost 1000 pages this trilogy is repetitive and...
  2. rebbonk

    Denim to Khaki: Volume 3 (Quis Separabit) - Ian S Varty

    Richard Hunter continues his military career. Sadly, the text is still plagued by rogue grammar, but putting that aside this is a very good volume. It’s far above the level of the first two volumes, far grittier, but oddly shorter. Again, there are laugh out loud moments but the underlying...
  3. rebbonk

    Denim to Khaki: Volume 2 (Fare Thee Well) - Ian S Varty

    The continuing career of Richard Hunter. This volume started well, but rapidly descended into the difficult to read prose of the first volume. The grammar is suspect and words appear to be missing from sentences. This makes it a very difficult (and long) read; which is a real shame as there is...
  4. rebbonk

    Denim to Khaki: Volume 1 (From Denim to Khaki) - Ian S Varty

    The story of a likeable chap called Richard Hunter who joins the army at 16 and follows in his father’s footsteps. Although billed as fiction, I suspect that there is rather a large portion of the author’s own biography in here. This volume sees Richard join the Junior Leaders Regiment, see...