1. S

    RFA - living outside the Uk in the last 5 years

    Alright, I have recently been offered a conditional job as a apprentice chef in the RFA. I have previously in the last 5 years lived in Australia on a working holiday for 18 months and have been asked to provide evidence of accommodation and employment. Some places I worked at were cash in hand...
  2. Y

    AIB Layout

    Hi This may be of interest to RN/RM/RFA Officer applicants, ive recently started a blog on my RFA recruitment 'journey', on my blog I've posted some hints and tips in addition to the layout of the AIB assessment. An excerpt is below and a web link is www.jointherfa.blogspot.com Day One: -Arrive...
  3. Y

    Deployment Allowances and Pay Increments

    New to the forum and I haven't been able to find this information so far, hopefully you can assist. 1- Do RFA staff when on deployment (outside of UK waters) receive an operational allowance, similar to that of HM Armed Forces? 2- Upon completing BRNC (officers) do you receive a pay increase...
  4. I

    Interested in becoming a Logistics Officer

    Hi all, new to this site. Recently out of university (22), looks like I will be achieving a 2:1 in Mathematics. I have been looking through royal navy.mod.uk at jobs in logistics and see two roles that appeal to me: 1: Logistics Officer (Surface Fleet) -...
  5. R

    When and how is the RFA medical administered?

    Hi! There was a post back in like 2014 asking when the RFA medical takes place. The answer was after the interview at HMNB Portsmouth. Is this still the same now in 2018? Or will the medical take place during the interview? Also from the 2014 post, I understand I'll have to arrange the...
  6. M

    Deferring my entry?

    I'm about halfway through the joining process for the engineer apprentice (just done my psychometric test and I am awaiting the results) but I had to have a knee arthroscopy to repair some cartilage that was causing my knee to lock. I won't be fully recovered until October so would I be able to...
  7. D

    Seamanship apprenticeship or Leading Hand Helicopter Controller?

    I'm currently looking at both these roles but I'm confused at to how I'd get to leading hand helicopter controller or supply chain when they require significant time at sea and extra quals, of which I don't have, as I've never served at sea would I have to do the seamanship apprenticeship to get...
  8. D


  9. L

    First Sea Trip

    I have my first appointment coming up as a cadet and I was wondering if I should stick to the kit list by the letter or if there was any else I should bring with me?
  10. W

    Rfa deckhand

    Hi all I'm just going through the rfa application came out the army a while ago now bored in my job I'm single like the idea I'm in the early stages just a few questions I'm thinking of going for deckhand but waiting for a chat not sure what I can apply for if it is deck hand how long is the...
  11. B

    RFA and Welbeck

    Out of pure curiosity, are RFA engineering roles such as SEO and MEO eligible to come under Royal Navy engineering for Welbeck Defence College?
  12. R

    Daily life in RFA

    I'm currently considering a career as a deck officer in the RFA (after first doing a cadetship) and I am trying to find out more information about the job. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions? I have been looking through this and other similar forums but I can't find much about what...
  13. R

    Help RFA engineering apprentice

    Hello all, I recently got news that I made it into my sift interview on March the 28th, then I began to worry I won't have enough time to revise all the stuff that I need to, I'm only 17 which means I have college work and this revision to manage, and I'm worried I won't be able to pass, is...
  14. T

    RFA Engineer Apprentice

    Hey guys, I've recently applied for the RFA to become an engineering apprentice. A few things I was curious about. 1: How long does it typically take from applying to joining? 2: Is there an interview? No mention of it on the RFA website...
  15. comms monkey

    RFA steward phase 1 April 23rd 2017

    Hey my girlfriend is joining the RFA as a steward is anyone else on the April 23rd phase 1 course
  16. R

    Average Age in the RFA?

    Hello guys, I am new on the forum and have got my Interview in Portsmouth in a few weeks and was just wondering how many people my age there will be in the RFA I am 23 and it seems to be mostly people 40+ on the forums here. I don't mind of-course was just curious as to how many younger people...
  17. N

    RFA Interview - Leading Hand Supply Chain

    Hi All I have an interview with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in December for Leading Hand, Supply chain. i would be really grateful if someone could give me some advice regarding what I should be researching prior to interview and any useful information/tips. Thanks in advance.
  18. Polly

    Engineering Apprenticeship

    Hello all. I have applied for the RFA Engineering Apprenticeship and will take the RT a week on Wednesday. I am an ex-RN seaman but always wished I had originally signed up as a stoker, hence the reason for going for engineering this time around. I know that the apprenticeship is quite new...
  19. Reyskywalker1994

    RFA Seamanship Apprentice Training?

    Hey guys! Just out of curiosity does anyone know The ins and outs regarding the training program at Raleigh? I.e. Uniform, structure etc would be lovely to have an idea before hand! Ta
  20. N

    Options for a 33 year old...

    Before I get blasted - I know there are other guys who have posted the 'old man/too old' type threads but here are my questions (which I haven't been able to ascertain the answer to on the forum so far): I'm 32 (about to turn 33 in a week), a male, in decent fitness, currently a lawyer (boo...