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  1. N

    Wanting to join RFA as officer cadet

    Hello everybody I am 24 based in the south east and have always wanted to join the RFA as either a communications officer or an officer cadet. Although I have an unspent conviction for common assault x2 convicted last August I am extremely remorseful for my victims and have since apologised and...
  2. J

    Qualified Engineering technician entry and RTO scheme

    Hello, Looking for a bit more information regarding the qualified technician entry route please. I’m an ex RN weapons engineer, and have been working civilian engineering jobs for the last few years within a variety of demanding engineering sectors, however I’m looking to get back into the...
  3. B

    Advice on ENG1 doctors - the good the bad and the ugly

    I've been reading up on the eng1 over the past few months and am finally at that stage. I've seen that some of the eng1 doctors are straightforward and others are strict. My nearest is Nottingham has anyone had theirs there and can review? Also anyone else had particularly easy or strict ones...
  4. B

    2022 RFA ETO Cadetship Application: My experience

    Hoping this may be of use to new applicants like myself. I just wanted to summarise how the application process has been for me. I applied in August 2022 for an ETO Cadetship. Initial contact was pretty quick and I was invited to do the Defence Aptitude Assessment within a week. I spent a week...
  5. N

    RFA Deck Cadet Officer

    Hi all! I'm currently midway through with my application process for the RFA as a deck cadet officer. I have a few questions which maybe some users on here may be-able to clear up for me. I have tried researching them, however some questions are not covered and others are fairly outdated - so...
  6. G

    Leading Hand Supply Chain - RFA

    Hi all, just wondering does anyone know how long the SIFT stage takes? Also if you manage to get through SIFT and interview what does the training pipeline involve as it is a qualified position? Any help or advice with this role would be greatly appreciated.
  7. F

    CIS Apprentice Interview

    Hi, I have my RFA interview on 6th April for the CIS Apprentice role. I feel as if I have done a good amount of research and revision but there are a few things I am unsure of, if someone could help me out a little bit I would really appreciate it! First off, I have looked at other forums to...
  8. F

    RFA CIS Apprenticeship

    Hi, I’m currently in the application process to join the RFA as a CIS apprentice and my application is currently awaiting SIFT. I’ll find out in the next few weeks whether I have been successful or not and if I have been called for interview. I’m quite nervous about the SIFT so just wanted to...
  9. W

    What is the accommodation like in the RFA?

    The RFA haven't posted much about accommodation in the RFA. I've seen youtube videos about the cabins on the ships. I was just wondering if any fellow RFA workers could tell me what the accommodation like. Could anyone tell me the rent prices, what would you advice give? And what should I...
  10. C

    Blood group and vaccines

    Hey guys, Sorry if this one has been found out and posted already... I'm hopefully off to Raleigh in April as a seaman apprentice and I've completed most of my checklist except for the blood group and vaccines, which I really struggled to sort out. So! For anyone else who is struggling and...
  11. T

    Females/ younger people joining RFA

    Hey all, Just looking to see if there’s any younger people wanting to join the RFA who want to talk about the process/have already joined to give some insight. I feel like it’s a very male dominated career with a lot of older people (not that it’s a bad thing I would just want some friends at...
  12. bobbybrown


    Hello everyone, Welcome to this forum, the Aim of this forum is to provide help to applicants going through the application/ recruitment process for the RFA as an APPRENTICE. I was in the RFA as a chef apprentice back in January 2019, I have a huge passion for the company and it’s staff and...
  13. S

    Early 20s considering a career change to work for the RFA with a few questions!

    Before I begin, I apologise if some of these questions have been asked before, I have tried using the search bar but it doesn't really yield the results I want or up to date information. If you have the urge to tell me to use the search bar then I'd kindly suggest if you just ignore my thread...
  14. M


    Hi guys. So I applied for an apprenticeship for the second time and got rejected again. The first time I believe my application was just a bit shit (deck hand). The second time (engineering apprentice) I had multiple people proof read it and it was pretty damn good. I'm trying to not get...
  15. L

    Some questions about the LSO (Trainee) Role ahead of my SIFT Interview

    Hello Guys, As a bit of a lurker on Rum Ration, I know that people understandably get rather irked by those of us who turn up and say "hey, tell me everything about the role I've applied for!" and in doing so demonstrate that we haven't done the slightest bit of research for ourselves ;) So...
  16. J

    RFA Apprentice Steward intake - April 2021

    Received a provisional offer for the Apprentice Steward role to start in April 2021 - anyone else on here received an offer too?
  17. F

    Average Day in the CIS branch

    If somebody could go over an average Day or shift in the CIS branch for a CR1 I'd be very appreciative. If you're apart of another branch and have a spare few minutes please write what an average Day in your branch is like as I'm sure others looking to join your branch would like to see a...
  18. S

    Need help

    I have been given a date for my psychometric test to be a chef apprenticeship with the RFA. Yay!! I applied for it at the beginning of August. ! Sept 1st is when the test is. I am very nervous because I have dyslexia. I'm scared if I ask for help. I know everyone can be super nice about it. But...
  19. M

    Cadet Deck officer college choices.

    From my sifting through the forum it seems that it'll either be Glasgow or Fleetwood although I've also been told conflicting information regarding other nautical colleges. I'm joining as deck cadet. I'm 100% committed to my career choice either way, but it's going to be a bit of a bugger to...
  20. S

    Royal Fleet auxillary Medical exam

    Hi, about half a year ago i applied for the british army, had my medical exam and was barred due to the fact i have familial hypercholesterolemia. i understand the RFA have different guidelines for medical exams. i was wondering that even though i have familial hypercholesterolemia and have to...