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rfa seaman apprentice

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    Can anyone that has passed the ENG1 and is overweight shed some light on the requirements? I’m currently 5ft7 and 17.8st down from 21st. I’m concerned I may be too overweight to pass but wanted to know if there was anyone the same or even higher that’s passed?I’m aware I may need to do a step...
  2. D

    RFA training

    I am 3/4 of the way through my application to join the RFA as a seaman apprentice and I would like know more about the 10 weeks training and what goes on eg routine, fitness (both tests or if I can go to the gym), classroom work, hands on work, parades and passing out
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    Starting Jan 6th

    Just got my decision back from the RFA and was successful. Provisional starting date for Jan 6th 2020 as a Deck apprentice. Anyone else in here starting the same time?
  4. J

    Seamanship Apprenticeship intake 2019?

    Hi! Does anyone know when the next intake is for the Seamanship Apprenticeship? ThanksI’ve literally searched and searched and cannot find any info, so apologies if this question has already been asked and answered!
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    When and how is the RFA medical administered?

    Hi!There was a post back in like 2014 asking when the RFA medical takes place. The answer was after the interview at HMNB Portsmouth. Is this still the same now in 2018? Or will the medical take place during the interview?Also from the 2014 post, I understand I'll have to arrange the...
  6. A

    RFA Seaman Apprentice

    Hi Guys,Apologies if this has already been asked before, I searched but couldnt find anything!I had my SIFT interview for this role on Thursday, was just wondering the normal turn around times before I find out? I'm really impatient!Does anyone have any inside information in regards to...