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rfa recruitment

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    When and how is the RFA medical administered?

    Hi! There was a post back in like 2014 asking when the RFA medical takes place. The answer was after the interview at HMNB Portsmouth. Is this still the same now in 2018? Or will the medical take place during the interview? Also from the 2014 post, I understand I'll have to arrange the...
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    I have recently applied for the apprentice chef role can anyone tell me when the sift is?

    I recently applied for the role of Apprentice chef within the RFA. I'm now wondering when the sift will be or when I might possibly hear back about the role. I have previously applied for the apprentice engineering role and not been successful. I'm studying HNC Engineering fabrication at college...
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    Steward apprentice interview 27th of July

    Hi Managed to pass the sift and was today invited to go down to Portsmouth I live in catterick garrison. So I was just wondering about trains, accommodation and then any tips on the interview and what the experience is like thanks :)
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    RFA direct entry with steam ticket

    Hi guys, Anyone know if I qualify for direct entry if I've got just a class 1 steam ticket? I rang the office up but the guy I spoke to didn't have a clue and said he'd get back to me. I am just hoping I could get some info here before then. Thanks.