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rfa engineer

  1. J

    Qualified Engineering technician entry and RTO scheme

    Hello,Looking for a bit more information regarding the qualified technician entry route please.I’m an ex RN weapons engineer, and have been working civilian engineering jobs for the last few years within a variety of demanding engineering sectors, however I’m looking to get back into the...
  2. M

    Discharge book

    Apologies, I couldn't find a thread already discussing this. Does anyone know where I post my application for a discharge book? On my provisional offer it stated page 8 contained the address, though it doesn't. Page 10 has 6 addresses for interviews or rushed orders.Thanks
  3. M

    Engineering apprenticeship interview

    Update; So just finished with my interview, I feel it went well judging by the interviewers comments. Thank you again for any pointing or advice given 8t is very much appreciated.So, I got an interview!! My third attempt, but I got one, Monday at 13.30. I've been doing plenty of research...
  4. bobbybrown


    Hello everyone,Welcome to this forum, the Aim of this forum is to provide help to applicants going through the application/ recruitment process for the RFA as an APPRENTICE.I was in the RFA as a chef apprentice back in January 2019, I have a huge passion for the company and it’s staff and...
  5. M


    Hi guys.So I applied for an apprenticeship for the second time and got rejected again. The first time I believe my application was just a bit shit (deck hand). The second time (engineering apprentice) I had multiple people proof read it and it was pretty damn good. I'm trying to not get...
  6. T

    preparation for RFA engineering apprenticeship

    Evening all,I been trying to find out about the engineering apprenticeship through the RFA for about a week now and I keep coming up empty. By far on here is the most useful but i can't seem to find definitive answers so I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions I have?1) I...
  7. P

    RFA reserve list for intake

    I've recently passed my interview as an engineering apprentice, however Ive been put on a reserve list for September 2019, If not I'll be March 2020.Is anyone else in the same boat? Also, If I get my
  8. T

    RFA engineer Apprentice

    Does anyone happen to know the next intake dates or current waiting lists for a engineer apprentice in the RFA. Also I’ve seen some older threads saying that it’s very difficult to pass the sift for engineering, is that still the case or are they in need of engineers?