rfa application

  1. A

    Rfa joining questions

    Hello, I’ve tried to do digging and to no avail has anyone posted about my questions I have- a couple days after applying I got a call off my afco giving me a date for my test. I have it April 27th. Anyone got any tips on practicing for it? Also- when do you get the results and told when you...
  2. T

    Females/ younger people joining RFA

    Hey all, Just looking to see if there’s any younger people wanting to join the RFA who want to talk about the process/have already joined to give some insight. I feel like it’s a very male dominated career with a lot of older people (not that it’s a bad thing I would just want some friends at...
  3. bobbybrown


    Hello everyone, Welcome to this forum, the Aim of this forum is to provide help to applicants going through the application/ recruitment process for the RFA as an APPRENTICE. I was in the RFA as a chef apprentice back in January 2019, I have a huge passion for the company and it’s staff and...
  4. Skylarker

    From Application until HMS Raleigh. RATING

    So i see a lot of people making posts regarding what happens next, interviews and so on, so here is a helpful (or so i hope) little post for those in the process. Applying, i did this back in October 2019, i applied and was told i would hear back in a week or two, if memory serves me right i...
  5. M


    Hi guys. So I applied for an apprenticeship for the second time and got rejected again. The first time I believe my application was just a bit shit (deck hand). The second time (engineering apprentice) I had multiple people proof read it and it was pretty damn good. I'm trying to not get...
  6. M

    Reapplying after unsuccessful attempt

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Navy Net so go easy. I applied for the RFA Seamanship apprenticeship, unfortunately I didn't make it through the SIFT process (I found out last week, Feb 2020). My backup was for the engineering apprenticeship, would anything hold me back from applying right away. I only...