1. Jessica Davis

    HMS Exeter Association

    If anyone is interested in HMS Exeter, please do join the HMS Exeter Association for FREE online: We have a Facebook Page: HMS Exeter Association Also a Facebook Group: HMS Exeter An annual reunion & Remembrance Service is held in Exeter, Devon. This takes place on the...
  2. S

    HMS Nottingham 1st Commission Reunion 2018

    Did you serve on HMS Nottingham from build until 1985ish? We are organising a reunion in Nottingham RNA club on the 12th May 2018, all are welcome to attend. We have started a facebook group (the group title is the same as the thread title) Feel free to request to join the group! If nothing else...
  3. W

    Swindon Sea Cadets - Reunion

    Swindon Sea Cadets want to hold a reunion for old cadets. Can you pse PM me for more information