1. N

    Weapons Engineer Technician advice

    Hi all, I am 17 and have just started my phase 1 training as a reservist and am waiting for a 10 week course at Raleigh and after I completed this I plan to transfer to the regulars as a WE. However, I am at college and doing the 10 weeker would result in me having to leave college and being in...
  2. S

    Changing my application?

    So I've just sent off an appeal for my medical. I'm trying not to get too excited, but I'm hopeful. However, because the process has so far taken over a year to sort out, my circumstances have changed slightly and I need to think about my future. I know I want to go into the navy if my appeal...
  3. W

    Returns of Service

    Another post which has originated from my research in preparation for my SIFT Interview. Am I correct in saying that there is no formal return of service for the RNR? More specifically, RNR Officers? I have spent ages scouring google and having read BR3(1) Chapter 53 which deals with Return of...
  4. C

    UCAS Points, The Lack Thereof

    Hi NavyNet, First post and, hopefully, not my last. I'm currently in the process of applying to join the RNR as a Logs officer. One problem I have encountered is the number of UCAS points required. I did not do well at school at all and, frankly, during my A-Levels, nothing could have...
  5. S

    Thinking of joining the RNR but unsure

    Hi all. I'm a 17 year old female who looks about 12 and is incredibly socially anxious/introverted. I'm just wondering what the process of joining the reserves is like. I understand that there are interviews, tests and medicals etc but I have a few questions on the actual joining of the RNR too...
  6. MenInSlacks


    Hello again all, Having passed the PJFT by the skin of the teeth (due to stupidly pulling my calf training for it :confused:) I was just wondering if anyone had advice on, or experience with, what I should buff up on before my SIFT interview? (And additionally, anything that would be good for...
  7. MenInSlacks

    After initial officer training

    Hello all, The thing that killed the cat is bugging me again so I thought I'd post about it here. While it'll be a while for me (hoping all goes to plan), I was just curious as to what happens to RNR officers once they've completed the initial training element? Only been told very vaguely and...
  8. MenInSlacks

    Early attestation and Op HERMES

    Hi all, I've now thankfully passed my RT and IOCI (and eye test) and am waiting on an apparently very long list for a medical. I was informed about early attestation and as such am booked in for the attestation next week and was just wondering what to expected and how to prepare. Also I put...
  9. MenInSlacks

    Passed RT now Initial officer interview

    Hello again all, Firstly I wanted to again thank everyone who replied to my previous threads, even the sarcastic bastards ;D . However moving forward as the title suggests I am moving onto the next part of the officer process which is my initial officer interview and am looking for any help or...
  10. Bill6001

    Army Reservist transfer to Royal Navy Officer

    Hi guys! Quick question for anyone in the know, I am a CPL in the reserves and am hopefully going to BRNC shortly. Does anyone know if this is a "transfer" or do I technically leave the TA then join the RN? Also as I have some rank and a little experience would I receive any other benefits...
  11. MenInSlacks

    RNR General Entry Officer

    Hi all this might be a long one, After some help on another thread I have cemented my desire to become an RNR officer (never any real doubt just some concerns about travel expenses) while studying at university with the hopes of going full time when I graduate. I was just wondering if anyone...
  12. MenInSlacks

    RNR Officer during Uni

    Hi all, Long time reader first time poster. Sorry it might be a long one. My conundrum is as follows: I'm at university in Leicester and am planning to join the RNR as an officer while there. However there are no RNR units nearby. The closest are at Nottingham (HMS Sherwood) and Birmingham...
  13. T

    Navy Reserves Query

    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm currently 17 and am in full time college education. After the completion of my A Levels, I plan to join the Royal Navy as an Officer, with Observer or Pilot roles being considered. However, I know that any sort of volunteering work is a...
  14. J

    Length of service for Reserves officer.

    Hello, I'd like to join the Reserves but can't get any information on how long I'd have to serve (info on website is a bit evasive/misleading). I've heard something about 5 year blocks? Not sure what that means exactly. And when/how can you leave if you decide to? Thanks in advance, Joseph
  15. A

    Cat Allergy

    Hi just after some advice or to hear peoples past experiances. I'm currently joining the Royal Navy Reserves and have just passed my entry tests and now need to do my medical. I can find loads of info on the full time navy medical but nothing in the reserves. Is it different for the reserves...
  16. Hoofingrunashore

    When does the RMRs recruit in the year?

    I'm looking to join the Royal Marines Reserves when I turn 16. However, I've been told they're only open for training/recruitment in September and my 16th is in November and I'm joining the Regular Marines when I turn 18 and I want to do 2 years reserves whilst I do my A-levels. Could someone...