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    Feel free to delete the thread... Not a fan of trolls

  2. D

    Joining from Northern Ireland

    On April 29th I am due to start HMS Raleigh. Moving over from Northern Ireland, and with no family in England I am worried about bringing personal belongings over, and having places to store these until after finishing my time at HMS Raleigh. I am Joining as a Communications Technician (CT) and...
  3. E

    Starting a new relationship months before starting training.

    Hey guys, a noob at this and it's a relationship Q so not sure if this belongs here so bare with me!Just got my PRNC and Raleigh dates (July if anyone else has the same start) I'm joining as a MA and have plans to opt into Sub service.I have been single for over a year now and am feeling...
  4. S

    How to attending boyfriends passing out ceremony

    My Boyfriend is due to pass out of Raleigh in early December However I'm worried that he won't be able to invite me over any of his family members as we haven't been going out that long and I don't want to put pressure on him to pick me over themSo my question is, is there a way I can attend...