1. Lewys2003

    Mine Clearance Diver/Specialist Seaman.

    Morning everyone, Just a quick question to ask anyone who's been through the process, I was told about 2 weeks ago that I could not pursue my role as an Observer as I had a history of asthma. Even though I was quite gutted, I am still very motivated to join the RN and just was asking about...
  2. Lewys2003

    DAA Midway through Recruitment.

    Good afternoon! I was only messaging to quickly ask if anyone knows anything about doing the DAA during your application. I believe I haven't got long left with the process as I have done: 1) SIFT interview 2) FATs (Observer Role) 3) PJFT 4) Medical Exam 5) OCD in April I only as I...
  3. Lewys2003

    Aircrewmen or Observer

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to decide between an Officer Observer role and an Aircrewmen role and was hoping for just a rough idea of what would probably be best suited. I am currently in the application process for an Observer role and only have my AIB left with my OCD coming up in April...
  4. M

    Security Clearance - Previous Employment

    Hello, A bit of a specific issue/anxiety I am having, any help would be appreciated. I previously worked for a company (nearly 3 years ago) that has now gone into liquidation. Let's just say the company did not have a very good reputation and there are scrolls of bad reviews etc. on the...
  5. M

    F2F Medical - What to expect?

    Hi all, Could anyway provide me with an up to date ‘what to expect’ at face to face medical appointments. Apologies if there is already a thread on this, I have looked but all previous threads are either old or specific to a condition somebody is worried about. Thanks in advance.
  6. A

    WS to Aircrewman

    Hello, I’m aware there is many threads about the topic of Aircrewman, the waiting lists and so fourth, I hope you guys can help with my questions. So I am currently in the recruitment process to join as WS, though Aircrewman was my first choice though it was not currently getting recruited for...
  7. N

    Suggested Reading Naval Intelligence

    Hi, I am in the process of applying to become a Warfare Intelligence Officer (early stages) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any books upon the subject, more specifically Post WW2 books relating to Naval intelligence? I am aware that the methodologies and practices will now be...
  8. C

    CIS interview

    I am due to have my interview for the CIS role. If anyone knows what sort of questions they’ll be asking/and or answers they are looking for. I’d greatly appreciate some advice. TIA.
  9. L

    Just outside the age limit for Aircrew Officer Pilot

    I was going to apply to be an Aircrew Officer Pilot but I realised I fall just outside the age requirement on the website (max age 26 when my 27th birthday was last month). Is this a hard and fast rule or is there some wiggle room?
  10. D

    Medical SMOSE

    I am currently in the process of joining the Navy, and I am at my final hurdle which is my medical. I had my in person medical on the 28th of May, told my case had to be reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and today I called Capita up with them saying the CMO has now sent my case to...
  11. H

    Tattoo after Interview

    Hey, I have just completed my interview and I'm waiting for my medical. I have just got a new tattoo, do I need to inform my AFCO even though I am still in the very early stages? Sorry I know this topic has been covered many times already but just needed a specific answer. (tattoo is very...
  12. D

    CIS (Recruitment Test)

    Hello. Me once more! I passed the interview on Monday. The recruitment test is tomorrow. I have been revising the Royal Navy Recruitment Test book by how2become. Does anybody know the rough score margin of what is needed to become a Communications Specialist. Thinking of volunteering for...
  13. T

    Access to private medical records?

    Hi all, I’ve got a tricky question to ask and would appreciate any advice! I’m 30 this year and going through the RM recruitment process. Last year I had some counselling through BUPA for my drinking. From researching the medical requirements, it looks like you have to be treatment free 3 years...
  14. Sguaba Tuinne

    Seaman Specialist Recruit Information

    Hello all, As we all know covid restrictions has hindered the recruitment process, especially for those joining the warfare branch. As it's mainly logistics and engineering recruits at Raleigh, I created this thread for anyone who has new information (warfare) regarding those waiting for a...
  15. ShazoozleBamboozle

    Application Process - Commonwealth Candidate

    Hello everyone! Sorry if I do post this in the wrong area, first time here. Right, the reason I'm starting this is because there are plenty of Commonwealth candidates who usually post up questions regarding this and at first, like them I was scavenging through this forum to find something...
  16. C

    Worrying over Medical

    Hello to whoever is reading; Some background. I am 18 and wishing to join the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer, General Service. I am a 4th gen Pads Brat, and 5 years RM(SCC) Cadet. Signing on to the service has been my only "definitive" career path, with other choices coming and going. On to...
  17. P

    Looking for Insight into CIS and WSI

    As the title says, I'm not sure what role I want to go into. I went through the role finder and found Aircrewman, the highest I've been off the ground is about 300ft in a building so, I'm not sure I'm cut out for it, I just don't know. On the RN site I've whittled it down to CIS or Warfare...
  18. N

    Success stories after an appeal

    Hello I am wondering if anyone could share any light on if they have had previous medical history of anxiety and they have won their appeal based on the decision to be made TMU? I am awaiting to hear back on my Medical reports and just wanted to prepare myself for the outcome and the % of...
  19. I

    Previous mental health records.

    Hi all. Planning to send my application to the RN at some point this year. I’m confident with all the eligibility aspects however I am somewhat concerned at a previous mental health issue I had. I was off sick from work (was working in NHS at the time and was off for about 6-7weeks) for a short...
  20. I

    Officer joining requirements

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the Warfare Intelligence Officer role and wanted to ask about the entry requirements. It says you need 72 UCAS points / 5 GCSE’s. All I was wondering was do you need both the UCAS points and the GCSE’s? I have over 72 UCAS points but not 5 GCSE’s so I was wondering...