1. C

    Officer fast track applications

    Hi everyone, How long does a fast track role for an Officer take? I applied in September 2021 for a high priority role and have already done my initial interview, medical/eye and fitness tests. Should I expect to be in May’s intake (assuming I pass AIB) or is September more likely?
  2. F

    Joining RNR/RMR - Potential Transfer

    Good evening all, I have been reliably directed here for info and hope someone may be able to assist. I'm after a bit of advice and looking for guidance if possible with regard to a transfer from the Army Reserve to the RNR or RMR. I am an ex regular soldier and current army reservist...
  3. A

    Joining up with hay-fever.

    So I posted on here a few hours ago about me having hay-fever but forgot to mention...this year I was prescribed prednisone a steroid used to treat allergies sometimes. It was the only time I've ever been prescribed it in my life. Will this affect my chances of joining up or not?
  4. M

    17yr old wanting to join the RN

    Hi everyone,this is the first time I’ve ever posted on here but not quite sure who else to ask these sort of questions to as I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. I’m a 16 year old female(turning 17 in 2 days time) and I’ve just received a phone call from the RN asking whether I was still...
  5. C

    Chances of passing my medical?: previous mental health

    Hi, By June 2021, over a year and a half from now, I will have graduated with a Business and Management (BA) degree. Upon graduation I would like to join the Royal Navy as a logistics officers. In terms of my fitness and medical I believe I would pass, other than I have previous mental health...
  6. S

    Unsure of whether to join the Army or Navy

    Hi all, I'm finishing my A-Levels and looking at joining either the Army or Navy upon finishing at the end of June next year. My original idea of role was being part of the police sector for either, as that was my initial idea of a civi job. I've taken the initial steps in joining both but the...
  7. K

    Will debt stop me from passing the security clearance?

    Hi guys, I've passed my RT and Interview - I'm now at the stage where I have to undergo a security clearance. Although, I am a little worried about the financial aspect of this because I have a £6000 private student loan which I have to repay over 5 years (£120 a month), on top of this I have...
  8. H


    Could anyone explain the reasons for some roles being high priority? the reason behind the lack of numbers in the HP branches job roles?
  9. R

    Will I actually get a place at HMS Raleigh?

    Hi, New to this forum and have a question regarding the joining process. I've passed all the recruitment tests and been given a start date for my basic training and a date for my Pre Royal Navy Course. Assuming I pass the PRNC am I guaranteed to start basic training on the start date given to...
  10. D

    Need Medical advice ASAP!

    Hi, I am 16 years old I am just about to finish my GCSEs and wish to join the Royal Navy, its been a life long ambition, and I have had a naval family since the 1800s. I did however receive the news that I am not eligible to be "a military man" by a doctor due to a heart condition, I have a...
  11. Deadeyethejedi

    Guidance on Criminal Records

    Hey guys, So some advice would go along way as you can guess by the title on the thread , yes I have a criminal record. To outline it simply and I was brought up in care from the age of 11 but don't need to go into that side of it, I started getting into quite a bit of trouble when I was 14 for...
  12. J

    Could I Delay My Entry Date To Finish Uni?

    Hi, Im currently studying at university and am midway through my first year, I've already applied to RN and have my RT coming up soon. Since applying for RN, I've changed my course so I won't be doing a placement year (2 years to go now, not 3), however I would still like to finish university...
  13. MenInSlacks

    Passed RT now Initial officer interview

    Hello again all, Firstly I wanted to again thank everyone who replied to my previous threads, even the sarcastic bastards ;D . However moving forward as the title suggests I am moving onto the next part of the officer process which is my initial officer interview and am looking for any help or...
  14. baldie

    Hydographic Office Visit?

    I recently failed my FATs to become a Pilot. My second choice has always been becoming a Hydrographic Officer but I would like to see what the day to day work is like before signing up. Does anyone know if there is a chance to visit the Hydrographic Office for a couple of days to see/if anyone...
  15. Slummies

    What's Available To Commonwealth Citizens?

    I'm new to this board and apologize if this question has already been addressed, but I was hoping someone currently serving or with a good deal of knowledge could tell me what "jobs" are available to commonwealth citizens? If it makes a difference I am eligible for an ancestral visa as my...