1. tbfyb

    Popping ears- medical

    just a quick question, if I can’t pop my ears at the medical at raleigh will I be deferred? I’m not going for a submarine role but I’ve heard different things.
  2. tbfyb

    Dental cavity

    I’ve got a cavity in one of my teeth if I get it filled in should I tell my Afco and if I don’t I could get booted out of raleigh or am I worrying too much?
  3. Subadubdub

    Travelling from Glasgow to Raleigh

    Hey all, I'm just waiting on word now from my AFCO on a start date having bossed the PJFT yesterday. I have had a look around, used the search and I've been reading thread upon thread here now for about two months, although I've just joined as a member today - first thread - apologies in...
  4. D

    Dartmouth or RNP? Advice needed

    Looking for advice on a career change. Currently in the process of applying for Logistics Officer role as I want to push myself to be an officer in the Navy, I've found I keep drifting off to the same thought of where it could take me while I'm at work doing some menial task at work so figured...
  5. T

    Joining as an MA

    Hi, I am currently waiting for my start date to join as an MA. Just wondering if anyone has any useful information or tips for Raleigh and MA training in general? Also, what's the best way to increase the probability that i can get on a ship and not in a hospital? Thanks
  6. D


    stupid question I know but, if you join as a rating, do you have to shave your hair at Raleigh? I currently have a 2 on the sides and longer on top, almost like Tommy off peaky blinders
  7. K

    Joining HMS Raleigh 14th May!!

    Anyone else joining Raleigh on the 14th of may?
  8. B

    What's the pay like at HMS Raleigh during Phase 1?

    Hoping someone can help me, been accepted for AET and I have my medical next month but I wondered how much you get payed at HMS Raleigh during the 10 weeks Phase 1 training? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers
  9. P

    MOD Caledonia PRNC

    Recently completed the PRNC at MOD Caledonia and for those after an upto date insight to what to expect I have wrote down my experience. This is for MOD Caledonia, HMS Collingwood may have a different approach to theirs. Day 1: Got to the train station at Inverkeithing, where you have no idea...
  10. D

    Yeovilton or coldrose?

    i am due to start my journey at Raleigh June 2017 and I have a bit of a conundrum of where to be based. I lived in Cornwall until 3 years ago and all of my family live there still where as Yeovil is a lot closer to the big city's and has a lot going on. Which one has the better facility's and...
  11. G

    Locker space at Raleigh

    Hi guys, I start Raleigh in a few weeks and have just gone through and ticked off all my stuff I need plus some extras and spares of things. Couple of questions, on the kit list it says to obviously take underwear but says nothing about socks, so do u take a few pairs with you and they provide...
  12. Bel98

    advice for a navy relationship

    Hiya, My boyfriend is due to be leaving for Raleigh in September of this year and has his pre joining course in July (luckily we have a lovely last summer!). He will hopefully be training as an air engineering technician. Does anyone have any information or advice about what their partner's...