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  1. N

    HMS Raleigh Intake 9th October 2023

    Afternoon All, Just wondered if anybody else on here will be heading off to HMS Raleigh for phase 1 on 9th October 2023?
  2. N

    Items for Raleigh

    I know I’m going to be shot down in flames because somebody has probably asked the question already back in 1997 but any serious answers will be gratefully received. My son is going to Raleigh in March and I was wondering what sort of items I can buy for him so he’s good to go. An iron is...
  3. L

    HMS Raleigh 30th May 2022

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone is starting Raleigh on the 30th May 2022?
  4. Kirkmania

    Royal Navy School (2016) aka Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) TV Series

    Royal Navy School (2016) which is also known as Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) depending on where in the world you watched it. The documentary series followed recruits through Royal Navy training, capturing every detail from gruelling training exercises to dormitory high jinks, as young men and...
  5. N

    Minimum service summer leave

    Cant find this on any previous post. The minimum service from first arrival is 4 weeks. If I joined Raleigh on the 2nd of August and summer leave begins on the 7th for 4 weeks will the minimum service requirement still be 4 weeks on from the 2nd of August start date ie 30th of August. Or will it...
  6. N

    Raleigh on October 4th?

    Hey! I’ve recently been told that I will be heading to Raleigh on October 4th but have not yet been told my PRNC date yet and Im a little concerned! I’d love to find people going at the same time as me so I’m not going in blind and if anyone has any advice about when or where I can get my PRNC...
  7. D


    At HMS Raleigh Are you only permitted to use manual/wet shavers or are electric shavers permitted?
  8. G

    Raleigh leave dates 2021

    Hi I’m due to join Raleigh july 2021 does anyone know the leave dates?
  9. P

    Raleigh post

    How often can you receive/send letters while at HMS Raleigh?
  10. S

    Joining tip’s and info

    Basically I’m away to Raleigh in 3 weeks i can run a mile and a half in 10mins 30 seconds and a 5k in just over 22mins. Looking for tips on Raleigh read all the other posts but they’re very old and was hoping for some fresher/ up to date ones. I’m joining up as AET and wanting to go to Yeovil...
  11. E

    Impact of Coronavirus on intake.

    I’m currently in the process of joining the Royal Navy with a possible entry date for 16 Nov 2020. First of all, is there anybody else currently scheduled to attend HMS Raleigh on that date. Secondly, does anybody know whether Covid-19 has had an effect on intake &/or whether HMS Raleigh is...
  12. S


    I know this topic is getting over talked in every part of our lives. However, I have and I'm sure others on here have had their applications halted due to the virus. I have just had my recruitment test cancelled which was due tomorrow. Now I've been informed they will hopfully be able to move...
  13. G

    Holdover Weekend Leave??

    Hello, My boyfriends been put onto holdover between his phase 1 and 2 training for 2 weeks. I was wondering if he’ll get the weekend off inbetween and the one after? Thank you!!
  14. S

    Will summer leave alter Raleigh

    Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ). I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on? I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan...
  15. silentcomms

    Travel to Raleigh

    I've been seeing some people confused about start dates/travel for Raleigh and old information crossing over. I recently had my final entry brief and the travel down to Raleigh and start date is now just Monday. You won't be traveling down on Sunday's anymore due to train services ending early...
  16. S

    Accelerated Apprenticeship Pay (WE)

    Hi all, I am currently waiting on a start date for the Royal Navy, I’m joining on the accelerated apprenticeship scheme (fast tracked to leading hand) and was wondering when we will start to receive the pay advertised on the website (£31,000) will this start from Raleigh? Phase 2? I’ve asked in...
  17. Kiwi33

    Re Join question. Failed Diver trying something different.

    First of all happy Easter, secondly this is a long boring dit so get comfortable. Now before anyone mentions anything about the search bar, I’ve used it and believe my situation is unique, or maybe not? I joined the Navy back in 2016 as a potential diver. However like many glass men like...
  18. N

    HMS Raleigh...

    Hi guys, I go to Raleigh in just under two weeks, and my fitness isn't up to scratch. I actually failed my 2.4K run in my PRNC by 24 seconds and that was to be done in 14 minutes 29 seconds. The quickest I had done it before that week was 17 minutes 27 seconds so I did it much faster when I was...
  19. S

    Officer selection for ratings after initial training

    Hi All, I'm currently undergoing the recruitment process for Warfare Specialist and I have just done my NSRT at my local AFCO. I was watching a YouTube programme about initial training for ratings, as you do as part of research. I saw it mentioned a few times that 'it is known' that ratings...
  20. HMS Raleigh 14/04/89 passing out parade

    HMS Raleigh 14/04/89 passing out parade

    Passing out parade for Nelson, Oliver, Anson & Drake 09's. Plus Artificer divisions Warsop, Harcus, Thompson, Burgess, Griffin and Sherval & Wrens Hermes 11