1. C

    Question about the navy undergraduate apprenticeship scheme

    Just a quick question for anyone who knows about the navy UGAS. The scheme is seven years long and is split into three parts. The first three years are intensive training, the second three years are active duty, and the last year is when you qualify with your degree. I read on the website that...
  2. sj25105815

    Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

    Hello All, I am looking for advice, and have certain queries to make and thought this might be the best place for it. It might be a bit long, but its probably not an average Navy application. First, some background: I am 36, ex army, left as a Corporal of Horse (Sergeant), JTAC qualified...
  3. S

    Day to day life for a Clearance Diver?

    After looking back at other CD-related posts, I'm still wondering about some general day-to-day details for a diver in the Navy. I'm interested in what a Clearance Diver's usual day is like - on-board whilst deployed, mainly. I know the military-side of tasks, but the 'boring' part remains a...
  4. JockJack

    Them bloody gay jokes

    Something I am always met with be it from friends or online are all those terrible jokes about the Navy and Sailors being gay. Obviously when these jokes come about I hold my chin high and my arrse tight and attempt a reply some work some don't . Are other members of RR also met with these...