1. B

    AB qualifications & Seaman’s discharge book

    Hi all I passed out of Raleigh and went on to serve 11 years as a CD obviously gaining an AB qualification along the way. Does anyone know if it is then possible to have this AB qualification added to a British Seaman’s Discharge book and how I would go about doing it ie: signatures and stamps...
  2. Maiden_Figurehead

    Joining RNR at 35 - aspiring officer

    Hello, Posting because other related threads could be well out of date and I'd love to hear up-to-date opinions please. I'm a 35 year old business owner with a long-time interest in the RN. After a few years deliberation I finally applied to join the RNR. A previous barrier in my head was...
  3. U


    Hi, I’ve just turned 17 and I start my basic training on the 1st June. (applied for communications) I only plan on working at the royal navy for about 4 years and am hoping to go to university afterwards- however, I didn’t stay in school long enough therefore only have Nat 5’s (GCSE’s) and was...
  4. J

    At what point will I study towards a HnC/HnD/Degree?

    I am currently at the pre joining medical point in the joining process in joining Royal Navy as an air engineering technician. I have done a fair amount of research and know what my job will include but I am wondering at what point will I study towards a HnC/HnD/Degree in my area? Do I have to...
  5. S

    Unsure of my eligibility

    Hi all, I'm really enthusiastic to join the royal navy as an undergraduate submarine engineer. I meet every other requirement, however, I read that I need: "160 UCAS points gained from Level 3 STEM qualifications (BTEC, A/A2/AS or equivalents) in an engineering discipline, or in maths and at...