psychometric test

  1. T

    Psychometric test simple question

    I am currently practicing the psychometric test with the practices they provide on the Royal Navy website and was wondering when I go December the 9th at the AFCO, will it be the exact same question or they change the numbers and words for the real test?
  2. F

    Question about NSRT

    Hello! I've just started my Royal Navy adventure, and this is my first question I appreciate it's a bit of a silly thing to ask, but I like to be as prepared as I can. I have completed my online application today, and hopefully my next step will to be invited to do a NSRT. However, with the...
  3. potnoodle

    psychometric test

    so i failed my psychometric test today because of the maths part,i think i did ok on the rest of the sections, the officer told me that i was literally 6 marks off, and i've been booked to resit it for the 26th march. i'm going through the numeracy practise test online and part of my problem...
  4. S

    Psychometric test tips/tools?

    Hello, I have my Psychometric test on the 20th August, I did the full test example and did perfectly fine on the Reasoning and Verbal Ability, however I haven't done mathematics for a few years really. I have applied for the Catering Apprenticeship. I'm just wondering are there any recommended...
  5. C

    Joining and psychometric test.

    hi guys. i have my psychometric test on the 20th march, im extremely nervous for it. my heart is set on the military. im looking for tips on the whole joining process and the test itself. im really worried about the maths side so if anyone has any tips on that id be grateful. what should i...
  6. O

    What Documents Do I need For Psychometrics Test?

    I'm new to this. I'm doing my Psychometric test up in Belfast on June 27. I was was on the phone with the AFCO there about 2 weeks ago. We were talking about my application and about the organising my psychometric test, I was told that they would send me a list of documents to bring on Email or...
  7. L

    What's after the psychometric test?

    Hi all, I have just come home from the psychometric test at my nearest armed forces office. The test was fairly easy, and I was able to pass and gets score good enough for the role I wish to pursue. I know that the next step for on joining the Royal Navy is the interview. My question is, how...
  8. P

    Interview immediately after RT

    Afternoon all, Firstly, I have only just signed up but I've been using this forum for information for months it really is fantastic - thank you all. I have my psychometric test booked in (applying for an officer role), and I am told I'll have an interview immediately after this, regarding my...