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  1. I

    High Priority Roles

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if you apply for a high priority role do you still have to do the PRNC or do you get streamed straight to Raleigh?
  2. potnoodle

    First interview

    So obviously with the corona virus a lot of things have been cancelled (understandably) and so my psychometric resit had been cancelled and they went off my gcse results instead (which actually worked out better for me haha!) anyways they explained that I’ll have my first interview over the...
  3. S


    I know this topic is getting over talked in every part of our lives. However, I have and I'm sure others on here have had their applications halted due to the virus. I have just had my recruitment test cancelled which was due tomorrow. Now I've been informed they will hopfully be able to move...
  4. J

    Twisted ankle! PRNC

    Hello guys, Really gutted atm looking for advice. I have been training really hard for the last few months, I have my prnc on Monday (09). Today I went on a casual light jog and rolled my ankle over a cobble, looks like I’ve twisted it pretty well. It’s swollen, so I am following RICE. My...
  5. T

    Caledonia - PRNC

    My PRNC is on Monday. My best friend is in the navy and done this course last year. However, he got train tickets and heard from someone before going. I haven’t heard and only found this out yesterday. He has told me to just get the train to the link for the mini bus. I just don’t know when I...
  6. 1

    PRNC January 13th 2020

    Just putting this up for any other people who have their PRNC on 13/01/2020 so we can at least have someone we know when we get there or to help while preparing for it
  7. J

    PRNC South - 03rd June 2019

    Hi all, here is my account of my PRNC at HMS Collingwood. I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible when speaking about the main parts of the course. As always, any questions, just post them below or send me a message. Monday I arrived at Fareham station on Monday afternoon and there were...
  8. D


    Are PRNC still a thing? Do I still need to complete it before basic training? My AFCO said I’m all ready for a start date at Raleigh but I haven’t done a PRNC so I’m a bit confused.
  9. Gor9819

    PRNC Date/Start Date

    Hi all, I have my PRNC on the 27th of May at MOD Caledonia and my entry date is the 14th of July, just wondering if there’s anyone on here with these same dates?
  10. J


    Alright, just wondering if anyone has any advice they can give me for the PRNC? Going to do it in May and have heard people saying that the fitness is thougher than Raleigh, no idea if that’s true or not.
  11. H

    Royal Navy PRNC - April 1st 2019

    Hi there, So I go for my PRNC on the 1st of April 2019 at MoD Caledonia in Scotland. I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that will be there? FYI - My entry date for HMS Raleigh is 30th June. Thanks
  12. G

    Unsure about decision.

    Hello, I have completed my application for a Weapons engineering technician and after a 5 or so month wait from August finally got my PRNC and Raleigh date which is another 6 months wait, however I how since been browsing forums and talking to people I know have realised that weapons...
  13. themuddyduck

    Recruitment Timelines

    I haven't seen any recent recruitment timelines on here (Probably looking at the wrong places lol). Anyways, here's a new thread and I'm proper nosy. I want to know what your timeline is like beginning from the time you made your online application. Here's mine so far; Made and Sent Online...
  14. B

    Worried about Fitness for PRNC

    Hi all, just passed my PJFT by the skin of my teeth (12 minutes 8 seconds) worried that my fitness isn't high enough for PRNC and of course i want to improve this. Any ideas?
  15. R

    HMS Raleigh

    I've just started the recruitment process and wondered what the daily routine in HMS Raleigh is like, such as waking up and going to bed? My current job has got me doing all sorts of weird hours and I just wanted to better prepare myself before I start.
  16. M

    Issue with my PRNC. No progress.

    Hello. I'm in the stage in my application where I need to complete the PRNC, I first contacted my careers advisor about this in April. I was told that if I hadn't heard any news in a few weeks to call back. I have been doing this and I have repeatedly gotten the same response. Which is that he...
  17. youngmarino

    So many questions...

    I have my PRNC next month where I will have a job specific interview aswell as the fitness tests. Im looking to join the UGAS scheme and my placement will depend on how well I do in the interview. I guess my questions are what should I expect? What is more favourable in the terms of WE ME? aft...
  18. B

    UGAS PRNC and interview

    Hi guys, I’ve got my PRNC on the 21st May and I’m pretty sure I’m prepared for all of what that entails but there doesn’t seem to be much information on the interview part of the UGAS selection out there and wondered if there was anyone who has been through it who could shed some light on it...
  19. L.L1878

    PRNC 7th May 2018 Caledonia

    Just wondering if anyone’s got their PRNC in Caledonia 7th May, also raleigh dates 17th June got a few lads with the same raleigh date feel free to drop me a DM
  20. P

    ETWE waiting times

    Bit new to this but just wondering about PRNC/Raleigh waiting times for ETWE, passed my pjft in January and have heard nothing since? I have called my AFCO numerous occasions to try chase up on it but I don’t want to be too pushy, but does anyone have a rough idea of when the next intakes are?