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  1. 1

    Possible hernia in training for entry to Royal Marines - will it affect my ability to join?

    Hi, I have been training really hard to get fit and strong to go through the joining phase of the Royal marines. My GP says I might have a hernia, if it is will this affect my chances of joining? If it is and it is operable will that then be ok?
  2. R

    Silm build in Royal Marines

    Hi, I'm hoping to apply to be a Royal Marine Officer after my gap year. I will be using this year, or potentially longer to prepare myself physically for the process. Compared to the average population I am very fit, I am a competing boxer, although I am in no way saying I am at a standard where...
  3. jsdoddy

    Next Stage - RNR

    Hi All,I am now at the final stages of my application to the RNR (General Entry Officer). I am at the point of Triage over the phone.I have been told that I will be able to join up at my local RNR branch for Phase-0 training either way, prior to completing fitness test and then move on to...
  4. OC Stupid

    Material to read before entering

    Evening folks,I'm currently in the application process of joining as a Warfare Intelligence Officer and I'm bewildered by the kind of material I should read before the AIB, a lot of the links on this forum are out of date and I was wondering whether you guys had any recommendations, so far my...
  5. J

    Preparing for HMS Raleigh at 16

    Hello everyone, I’ve just finished my recruit test and have chosen to become a marine engineer. I start Raleigh in about 5 months and I’m just looking for any advice to further prepare myself for Raleigh. I am physically fit and have recently started going to the gym to train my cardio and...