1. D

    HMNB Portsmouth - HMS Alliance

    Does anyone know if HMS Alliance is open to visitors during covid 19?
  2. E

    Nuffield Club Portsmouth

    Hello. Wonder if someone can help me please. I am researching for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and they met I. The Nuffield club, Portsmouth. We are creating something special but need to know exactly where it was please. On a map or even better lat and long please. We know it’s now part...
  3. Donatello

    Joining after leaving RM recruit training

    Hi, I'm currently awaiting a decision from my AFCO on weather or not I am eligible to join the Navy after leaving RM recruit training last year. I've spoke to my AFCO and they are waiting for word from Portsmouth on my eligibility. I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation...
  4. krem81

    HMS Hood in Colour

    It is nice to see some old footage thats in colour. I often wonder what black and white footage would look like in colour. I found this video of the Hood from back in 1939. She was leaving pompy and heading out to do some sea trials. Have a watch and see what you think...