1. C

    Potential PMU

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  2. B

    Permantly Medically Unfit

    Hi I need some advice I had Keyhole surgery on my hip form a ligament tear that i sustained in the Army back in 09/10 it is now 8 years since I was giving the all clear from my GP for recovery and I recently applied to the RN about a month ago when it was deemed last year I was PMU yet I was...
  3. I

    PMU appeal

    Hi, I just got off the phone with capita and the nurse said I am PMU but said I should appeal. She said the reason was because I've had low mood in the last few years and have self harmed more than twice in the past. The nurse recommended I appeal but I want to know if there's a chance because I...
  4. H

    Prescription med's and medically unfit!

    hey, so I recently passed the psychometric exam for AET, and the following interview with flying colours. However I just had my CAPITA phone call and have been made "Medically unfit" doesn't say TMU or PMU so not sure which one(?) Anyone have any info on what happens if you're still on...
  5. S

    Medical Appeal

    After a long medical process I was referred to the senior medical officer for a bout of hair pulling when I was a teenager and some weeks later pronounced PMU for 'a prolonged anxiety related episode during [my] mid teens'. I am planning to appeal it, on the grounds that I believe the hair...
  6. P

    PMU, without even a face-to-face medical

    Any idea where to go from here? I waited months only to hear back that I am permanently medically unfit without ever having been assessed by a Capita doctor in person. Is this normal? Already passed my fitness, eye test, and security clearance.
  7. MrTee147

    Appealing A PMU

    I have just received news that I am PMU due to having a metal plate in my wrist. I have had it for 10 years and have had no problems at all with it since it was put in. I am considering an appeal and am wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of any successful or unsuccessful appeals...
  8. norbastard90s

    PMU'd. Need cover letter advice

    Hi all, I had my RN medical yesterday (X(S/M)) and at the end was told I am Permanently Medically Unfit due to an incident of back pain I had caused by an incident at work in late December '14. The reasoning the examining doctor gave was because the back pain lasted for up to three months...
  9. I

    RFA Medical

    Hello, I am slightly confused by the RFA medical requirements outline on the Royal Navy website. On some pages it says you just need an ENG1 but on others it says you also need to meet the RN medical requirements? I was recently made PMU for Naval service (a very upsetting experience after a...