1. N

    Actual PJFT pass times?

    I understand this topic has been discussed to within an inch of it's life (and beyond) but despite trawling through the various threads about PJFT, I cannot find a definitive answer to the pass time relating to the 2.4km run you do at a Nuffield health centre on a treadmill. The RN website says...
  2. A

    Still waiting for start date

    Completed and passed PJFT on the 17th February, and have since received an email saying a bid for my entry date has been sent however this was over a week ago and haven’t heard anything since, I’ve rang my AFCO and left a message but haven’t heard anything back Should I keep trying to ring or...
  3. C

    PJFT Info

    I did mine on Saturday, and thought I'd share some info: You have to use the 'quick start' function for some reason, and then basically hold your finger on the speed up arrow. My treadmill wasn't exactly great, so be warned that it takes quite some time to get up to your required speed. I lost...
  4. M

    Trying to book the PJFT

    Hello, I have been trying to contact the Nuffield gym to book the PJFT but they do not seem to be responding to me. Does anyone know the best way to book it with them. They don't seem to have anything on their website about it that I've found. thanks
  5. JackFH

    PJFT PACE !!!

    Hi all, I have my PJFT next friday and im looking for some help on what pace to run to achieve certain times... For example what would the pace be if i wanted to hit 10mins 30 seconds (Not aiming for that time just wanted to work off of that pace) The help would be very much appreciated!! J
  6. T

    Interview/medical/fitness test expiration?

    Hi, I was just wondering if the initial interview, medical and PJFT expire after a certain amount of time? I had my initial interview Apr 2017, finally passed my medical Oct 2017 and my PJFT in Nov 2017 but my provisional start date isn't until September 2018. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. tbfyb

    PJFT and PRNC

    Do I beed to match or get a better time at run at prnc than i did at the pjft?
  8. dnnidlc

    BRNC - Training Management Officer

    So I've applied for Training Management Officer, and I'm currently waiting to hear back to begin the process of going for the initial face to face, at my nearest AFCO. I've read many threads on here dated from years back, and they're all stating various different timescales from the beginning...
  9. Cameroon..James99

    Pre jointing fitness test advice please?!

    Hi I'm 18 and I'm currently going through my application I've just passed my interview for a warfare specialist. I've been going to the gym for over a month now and my best time for the 2.4km is 11mins 32secs at 6.5mph and then 8/9mph burst sprints I was wondering am I going about it wrong or...
  10. J

    Warfare Officers - Awaiting Sift Interview

    Hi, I've recently passed my PJFT In 10:30. I'm waiting for my AFCO to get in touch with me and give me my date for my Sift Interview. I was wondering if anyone else has applied and is at the same stage as me, I've been told to expect a January intake with a view to me completing my AIB in...
  11. S

    PJFT freak out

    it's a week until my fitness test and I'm freaking out. I've done this run a million times over, and been fine. I completed a moc fitness test last week, and completed the 2.4km run within 12 minutes 14 seconds ( I need to complete it in under 13 minutes 10 seconds ). I then ran this again today...