1. Kirkmania

    Test Pilot (1986) TV Series

    Test Pilot (1986) TV Series. This documentary series follows the students at Empire Test Pilots' School at Boscombe Down from their selection to final flying exam. KirkCrazy Password: RAF Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
  2. Kirkmania

    Fighter Pilot (1981) TV Series

    Fighter Pilot (1981) TV Series. Fighter Pilot is a BBC television documentary series that was broadcast in the UK on BBC One, from 9 September to 28 October 1981. It was about the training of fast jet pilots in the Royal Air Force and followed the progress of six candidates as they went through...
  3. B

    AIB Waiting List: Pilot Ageing Out

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone knows anything about pilot waiting times for AIB at the moment? I started my application in Oct 2019, then because of obvious delays only got round to completing my FATs in Feb, which I scored well on, so have been on the waiting list for AIB since then. I've also had...
  4. L

    Just outside the age limit for Aircrew Officer Pilot

    I was going to apply to be an Aircrew Officer Pilot but I realised I fall just outside the age requirement on the website (max age 26 when my 27th birthday was last month). Is this a hard and fast rule or is there some wiggle room?
  5. R

    Aircrew Officer Pilot

    Just looking for up to date information on the role if possible whilst waiting to speak to my AFCO. Have applied as mine clearance diver however have decided I would prefer to join the FAA instead as an Aircrew officer pilot. I have looked at many previous threads however a lot date back to 2017...
  6. D

    Transfer from Observer to Pilot?

    After trawling through threads there seems to be little on role transfers within the navy, and I wanted to know how possible this is? I applied to the RN for pilot and despite passing the aptitude test, was recently offered a space at BRNC for Observer which I have accepted. I wanted to see if...
  7. D

    Failed at Selection Interview - Looking for advice going forwards

    Hi All, On Monday (26th) I had my Officer Selection Interview (pre-AIB) by telephone. I felt the interview went well however the WO informed me that I had only just missed out on a passing mark. He told my that my knowledge was excellent, however I missed out on leadership experience (I had no...
  8. D

    BRNC intake January 2021

    Did a quick search and didn't find any thread for Jan 2021. Passed my vAIB a while back and had my aircrew medical, I've heard rumours that AIB may be announcing the list for January's intake early so any updates would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I

    Officer Near Visual Acuity for Category 1 or 2

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you might be able to give a bit of advice on eye tests as I'm planning on joining up as an officer after rona lockdown is done and I had my eyes done privately to actually see what they are (as I want to ideally fly or be warfare) and my eyes are fine, within all those...
  10. B

    Aircrew Medical Advice

    Hi Chaps, Had a look around but have not really seen anything on the topic. Was wondering if anyone had an expertise in the area of the Aircrew Medical and Training/Gym Supplements. I take a number of supplements for rugby and weight training (All legal and trusted by sport approved) however...
  11. N

    Officer Applicant Questionaire (OAQ) questions

    Hello all, After a thorough google search I know this topic has been discussed a lot on here but I can’t find the answers to my questions. To what degree does your OAQ effect your chances of a Sift interview? I am relatively confident I can put myself across well, answering the questions they...
  12. T

    SIFT Interview

    Hi there, I’ve got my SIFT interview for an Officer Pilot coming up and I’m wondering how to approach the managerial and leadership questions? Being a full time student and also having a part time job I haven’t had many opportunities to physically be a leader however I believe I possess the...
  13. D

    FAT's advice

    Hi, I've recently applied for the role of a RN pilot and have just sat my Initial Recruitment test which I managed to pass thankfully. I'm currently just trying to research as much as I can about my upcoming FAT's and what areas you can actually revise for. I'm aware that S/D/T calculations are...
  14. H

    AIB Prep - What are the keys to success?

    Hi all, I am due to attend my first AIB within the next two months and would appreciate if any current serving/recent AIB candidates could share their experiences and prep tips with me. I know there are many posts like this but I am hoping for some up to date information surrounding the AIB and...
  15. H

    Eyesight after acceptance

    Hi all, I have a place at Dartmouth in the coming months as a pilot, I have passsed everything and am absolutely over the moon about it. However in my eye tests I passed the required standards by the skin of my teeth. I am now slightly worried that a year or two into my training I will be...
  16. D

    Starting BRNC in January- Potential role change?

    A slot has opened up for me to start officer training in January, I got this offer today, which I accepted of course (Giving me only one months notice). I passed FATs back in March for ATC and Observer but just missed out on pilot which is what I originally wanted. I passed AIB in September. I...
  17. T

    Pilot in Fleet Air Arm compared to RAF

    Hi all, Does anyone have any thoughts on the differences/advantages/disadvantages of being a pilot in the FAA compared with the RAF? From all I have read, any differences are fairly minor but would love to get some input. Cheers
  18. B

    Aircrew Roles and Asthma

    I've been told that I'm barred from RAF Aircrew Roles (ie. WSOP) due to having minor asthma as a child which I have long grown out of and have been going on without symptoms and medication for years. I was wondering whether this also applies for aircrew roles in the Fleet Air Arm? Many thanks to...
  19. A

    What is the Flying Aptitude Test?

    From what I understand is it is a test which involves you flying a plane in a simulation while asked random questions like 42 - 13? Does it not test your physical ability, such as put you in 0 Gs? If not is there a test that requires you to fly the aircraft upside down or falling?
  20. P

    Advice wanted: Offered Observer but always had Pilot as my first choice

    Good Afternoon all Sorry its a bit of a long one but thank you for the taking the time to read this thread I'm sure this has been an issue for many aircrew hopefuls before me, however I'm just looking for some fresh and sound advice (with the minimum level of bias if possible) from people...