phase 2

  1. N

    Phase 2 Functional Skills

    Hello all, I am due to start my phase 2 training at HMS sultan shortly. However I have found that I am struggling quite significantly with the Functional skills for maths. The pass Mark is 70% or more usually for these exams and on the mock exams I have been taking I am scoring around 20%. I...
  2. J

    What happens after HMS sultan and where are you based

    After phase 2 training is complete at HMS sultan what happens as I can find a lot of information on it, do you get leave, where do you go and are you based somewhere
  3. M

    Leave between phase 1 and 2

    Hi, I'm about to start phase one training and after I'll be going to HMS sultan to do my phase 2. Does anyone know how long a break you get between raleigh and phase 2 (if you get a break that is) Thanks :)
  4. B

    What happens after phase 2 training, when can you get ?

    I would like to know what happens after phase 2 training; 1. Can you get the chance to marry immediately after phase 2 training? 2. When can you get a married quarter? 3. How long will you be spending away from home and how often will you be home? 4. Which roles are mostly offshore? 5. When can...
  5. U

    Phase 2 HMS Collingwood arrival dress code.

    Just passed out of Raleigh and join Collingwood on Sunday. Wasn’t told about what we should bring (self explanatory) and what to arrive in. Just wondering if there’s anywhere I can obtain joining information as we weren’t given any at Raleigh or if someone can just let me know what I should...
  6. L


    Hello Guys!! Been in civvie street for almost 8 years and I am joining back up!! I've had my process papers back from the AFCO and yaaaaay I don't have to do Phase 1 again!! So straight to Phase 2 for me!! I just have a few questions about the process if someone can enlighten me? 1. how do I...
  7. D

    Phase 2 Sultan Kit

    Joining HMS Sultan for phase 2 as AET on 8th January, however haven't received a kit list. Does anyone know if I should take ALL my kit from phase 1? Including my ones? Cheers
  8. MenInSlacks

    After initial officer training

    Hello all, The thing that killed the cat is bugging me again so I thought I'd post about it here. While it'll be a while for me (hoping all goes to plan), I was just curious as to what happens to RNR officers once they've completed the initial training element? Only been told very vaguely and...
  9. E

    Sultan Standing orders - alcohol - Phase 2 trainees

    hi, I'm having a bit of trouble on my computer trying to find sultan standing orders and I do not know where to look. I have tried to google it! It would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction. As i have not got long to find this information! Thankyou