phase 1

  1. M

    Leave between phase 1 and 2

    Hi, I'm about to start phase one training and after I'll be going to HMS sultan to do my phase 2. Does anyone know how long a break you get between raleigh and phase 2 (if you get a break that is) Thanks :)
  2. R

    Start date for Raleigh June 30th 2019

    Is anyone starting Raleigh on the 30th June, I got my start date this week. Would be good to get to know some people.
  3. K

    How do I post an item to my son at HMS Raleigh.

    My son started last Sunday 10wks training. But he forgot his charger & lead for his phone. How do I post this to him. I have tried the AFCO where he started his induction. But alas I cannot get through to anyone. Phone line goes dead. I have phoned Royal Navy joining number given on the AFCO...
  4. Genghis

    PAYD during Basic training

    Hi everyone! I've had a root around on here and can only find info about Phase 2 PAYD. Can anyone provide information about if recruits are PAYD during our lovely 10 week stay at HMS Raleigh? I would like to know for budgeting reasons, I need to "adult" (sadface). Cheers!
  5. MenInSlacks

    After initial officer training

    Hello all, The thing that killed the cat is bugging me again so I thought I'd post about it here. While it'll be a while for me (hoping all goes to plan), I was just curious as to what happens to RNR officers once they've completed the initial training element? Only been told very vaguely and...
  6. B

    What's the pay like at HMS Raleigh during Phase 1?

    Hoping someone can help me, been accepted for AET and I have my medical next month but I wondered how much you get payed at HMS Raleigh during the 10 weeks Phase 1 training? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers