1. R

    When do I get lump sum?

    I am unsure weather My grandad is on the 75 or 05 pension scheme. He received a large lump sum when he left the navy at 50, He is now nearly 65, is he supposed to get another lump sum now He is at retirement age? He has a letter saying that he is on the 05 scheme, but as he is 3 months off...
  2. ChewieTheWAFU

    Medical Discharge

    Hi all, I was medically discharged under AFPS 15 on February 17th at a Tier 1 discharge. I was wondering if there is any information as to how long the medical lump sum payout normally takes to be administered. Any advice you boys can give would be greatly appreciated.
  3. E

    Added pension

    Simply worth it or not?
  4. B

    Pension for reservist 1 year operational service

    Hey, did Herrick 14 with 45 Cdo and while I remember definitely getting pension contributions in this time, I have little recollection of what type and precise dates, etc. Now I am going through civil service vetting for a job in civvy street I need to know: 1/ What scheme it is, where the...
  5. E

    Pension when living abroad

    I have been in reciept of a service pension since 1989 and have lived in Sweden since then, everything has worked well. Now I am coming up for 67 and shall retire in the Swedish system. I have paid NI contribution in UK for 22+ years, am I entitled to claim a portion of the "Old agePension" in...