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pearl harbor

  1. rebbonk

    Japanese Combined Fleet 1941–42: The IJN at its zenith, Pearl Harbor to Midway

    To be published on 28 September 2023 with an RRP of £15.99, but currently discounted by 10% to £14.35 on Amazon.The author, Stille, is a retired US Naval Commander who has also worked in the intelligence sector. He also has qualifications in History, so ought to know what he's talking about...
  2. rebbonk

    Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness - by Craig Nelson

    A truly fascinating book and one that’s about so much more than the attack.I must admit my knowledge of world events in the interwar years is scant at best, so I really enjoyed the first part of this 3 part book which went through so much that I simply wasn’t aware of. This section covered the...