1. DreadnaughtDabber

    Single living accommodation question

    Hello, first time using this platform after using it to read ho and learn, I’m currently awaiting a entry date for Raleigh, I just had a few brief questions that I couldn’t seem to find online anywhere, firstly, single living accommodation, I don’t expect to actually get accommodation, I’m...
  2. HMS Raleigh 14/04/89 passing out parade

    HMS Raleigh 14/04/89 passing out parade

    Passing out parade for Nelson, Oliver, Anson & Drake 09's. Plus Artificer divisions Warsop, Harcus, Thompson, Burgess, Griffin and Sherval & Wrens Hermes 11
  3. A

    Wedding (Groom) in Nos 1.

    I am wearing my No1's for my wedding. I am aware some extras are worn sometimes. No idea what extras to wear. I already have a white belt, gaitors and scabbard. Anything else i need? Ps. My base Gunnery Office are closed and only bootnecks so sadly could not help. Thanks S.