officer training

  1. C

    Officer fast track applications

    Hi everyone, How long does a fast track role for an Officer take? I applied in September 2021 for a high priority role and have already done my initial interview, medical/eye and fitness tests. Should I expect to be in May’s intake (assuming I pass AIB) or is September more likely?
  2. N

    Cost of self funded foundation degree? (Warfare)

    Does anybody know the cost of a self funded warfare officer foundation degree (INTO) for a Direct Graduate Entrant? I'm not eligible for Royal Navy funding as I already have an honours degree. I'm loathed to contact the Degree Registration Manager because I'm very embarassingly early in my...
  3. J

    Passed AIB with a near Perfect Score, what can I do while I wait?

    So this week I passed my AIB with a near perfect score, the Board President said it was the best score he had seen from a potential Warfare candidate in a fair few years. He is also more than confident that I will be selected for the May intake. I was just wondering what happens now while I...
  4. D

    Starting BRNC in January- Potential role change?

    A slot has opened up for me to start officer training in January, I got this offer today, which I accepted of course (Giving me only one months notice). I passed FATs back in March for ATC and Observer but just missed out on pilot which is what I originally wanted. I passed AIB in September. I...
  5. dnnidlc

    BRNC - Sleeping arrangements

    General question regarding BRNC, and the sleeping arrangements - just to clarify some extra details about the 30 weeks for my general knowledge. After watching the BRNC documentary which was an entry that passed out in 2012, and re-watching it maybe six/seven times, are the sleeping...
  6. dnnidlc

    BRNC - Training Management Officer

    So I've applied for Training Management Officer, and I'm currently waiting to hear back to begin the process of going for the initial face to face, at my nearest AFCO. I've read many threads on here dated from years back, and they're all stating various different timescales from the beginning...