officer recruitment

  1. Lewys2003

    DAA Midway through Recruitment.

    Good afternoon! I was only messaging to quickly ask if anyone knows anything about doing the DAA during your application. I believe I haven't got long left with the process as I have done: 1) SIFT interview 2) FATs (Observer Role) 3) PJFT 4) Medical Exam 5) OCD in April I only as I...
  2. I

    AIB (February 2022)

    I've been lucky enough to have just been offered my AIB date in February, as a Warfare Officer (Surface Fleet). I'm excited and looking forward to the selection and was wondering if there is anyone else lurking on this forum who are also on the same AIB as me! And as it's a new recruitment...
  3. C

    Officer fast track applications

    Hi everyone, How long does a fast track role for an Officer take? I applied in September 2021 for a high priority role and have already done my initial interview, medical/eye and fitness tests. Should I expect to be in May’s intake (assuming I pass AIB) or is September more likely?
  4. L

    Just outside the age limit for Aircrew Officer Pilot

    I was going to apply to be an Aircrew Officer Pilot but I realised I fall just outside the age requirement on the website (max age 26 when my 27th birthday was last month). Is this a hard and fast rule or is there some wiggle room?
  5. J

    BRNC Intake- May 2021

    Hello all, Recently, I passed my vAIB for Warfare and I've been given 10th May 2021 as my intake date. I don't see any other threads about this date, so thought id start one to make some connections. Who else is due on the May 21 intake? Also, does anyone have any advice on the kind of kit I...
  6. Spiced Buoy

    Leadership oppertunities before joining as officer

    I want to join the Royal Navy as an officer, but I don't have much leadership experience. What sort of things can I get involved with in order to accrue this experience? I feel like it will be a huge part of the selection process and having that experience would be a massive advantage, if not a...
  7. S

    Officer UCAS query

    Hello Hoping someone can shed some light for me, I have read the related posts but would love a bit of confirmation as my situation is a little different. I have recently applied for Logistics Officer, but am now stressing that I'm not going to meet the criteria. I am in my final year of...
  8. S

    Potential RFA Officers - I'm happy to share my 2019 experience of interview process, BRNC, etc.

    If you are considering joining the RFA as an officer, and given how much information I've seen which was either out of date, contradictory, or just plain wrong, I thought it would be useful to share my successful experience (which is current as of August 2019). If this helps one person I will...
  9. B

    Medical exam cancelled

    Hi, I’m currently applying to become a royal marine officer and was scheduled to have my face to face medical exam this Thursday (20/06/19). It’s been cancelled by Capita and pushed back over 2 weeks. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this is normal or if it’s likely to be due...
  10. B

    Aircrew Officer Pilot - Upcoming AIB Prep.

    Hello all! I have just recently passed my FATs and have been given my AIB date for early June! Also, if anyone has any questions or concerns on the FATs please send me a message because I passed last week and it's all pretty fresh still. I am very aware that there are some excellent threads...
  11. A

    Officer Interview

    Evening all, Apologies as I know officer interviews have been done to death on here. Would just like some clarification as I have my first officer interview on the 12th of March. Is this interview the equivalent of the old sift interview where you are questioned about the Navy as a whole? Or is...
  12. T

    SIFT Interview

    Hi there, I’ve got my SIFT interview for an Officer Pilot coming up and I’m wondering how to approach the managerial and leadership questions? Being a full time student and also having a part time job I haven’t had many opportunities to physically be a leader however I believe I possess the...
  13. H

    AIB Prep - What are the keys to success?

    Hi all, I am due to attend my first AIB within the next two months and would appreciate if any current serving/recent AIB candidates could share their experiences and prep tips with me. I know there are many posts like this but I am hoping for some up to date information surrounding the AIB and...
  14. R

    Officer Duties and Responsibilities

    Can anybody tell me the main duties of an Officer to include their responsibilities? Or direct me somewhere I can read more on this? (not including specific roles e.g warfare, logistics etc.) I have found a lot of information on the roles of a Divisional Officer but can't find much else with...