officer or rating

  1. Lewys2003

    Aircrewmen or Observer

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to decide between an Officer Observer role and an Aircrewmen role and was hoping for just a rough idea of what would probably be best suited. I am currently in the application process for an Observer role and only have my AIB left with my OCD coming up in April...
  2. J

    Post AIB

    Hi Posting on behalf of my daughter, a question I would like to know! She has been put forward for AIB, probably a long wait ahead. I’m sure she will do well, but if she doesn’t pass what are the options? She is applying for HM, and wants to be in that branch, so if she failed AIB, could she...
  3. Maiden_Figurehead

    Joining RNR at 35 - aspiring officer

    Hello, Posting because other related threads could be well out of date and I'd love to hear up-to-date opinions please. I'm a 35 year old business owner with a long-time interest in the RN. After a few years deliberation I finally applied to join the RNR. A previous barrier in my head was...