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  1. D

    Observer career path/ real life experience

    Hello everybody I recently sat my FATs , and have been offered to attend AIB for observer. I have a couple of questions about the role that I cannot find answered on the internet so far - so if anybody ‘in the know’ could advise me it would be much appreciated. 1) cliche, but what does a general...
  2. N


    Observer to pilot My 17 Yr old has just done cbat passed all 3 choices - pilot, observer, atc but they had moved the accepting mark on pilot and he was 20 points short then. He is in a quandry. If he joins as observer can at some point down the line transfer to pilot? He wants to do his cbat...
  3. T

    Questions about observer

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the current state of the training pipeline is for observers? I should be going in next year to BRNC and I wanted to know what the potential wait time between phase 1 and 2 was. Also, if there is enough time, could I, an observer, go on the all arms commando course...
  4. Lewys2003

    Contacting RNMS

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to find out if there's any way to contact the Royal Navy Medical Service via Email or Phone. I'm trying to go higher up with my medical appeal rather than be told "They don't advice it".Just for reference, I was told I couldn't pursue the Officer Observer role as...
  5. Lewys2003

    Aircrewmen or Observer

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to decide between an Officer Observer role and an Aircrewmen role and was hoping for just a rough idea of what would probably be best suited. I am currently in the application process for an Observer role and only have my AIB left with my OCD coming up in April...
  6. L

    What aircraft can Observers be streamed to?

    Hi, I have my AIB coming up and as I delve deeper in my research I am slightly confused as to which helicopters have a role for Observers?Merlin Mk2 - 820 RNAS Merlin Mk4 (CHF) - 846 RNAS, 845 RNAS Wildcat (Maritime Attack) - 825 RNAS Wilcat AH1 (CHF) - 847 RNASMy primary interest is the...
  7. D

    Transfer from Observer to Pilot?

    After trawling through threads there seems to be little on role transfers within the navy, and I wanted to know how possible this is? I applied to the RN for pilot and despite passing the aptitude test, was recently offered a space at BRNC for Observer which I have accepted. I wanted to see if...
  8. D

    Failed at Selection Interview - Looking for advice going forwards

    Hi All,On Monday (26th) I had my Officer Selection Interview (pre-AIB) by telephone.I felt the interview went well however the WO informed me that I had only just missed out on a passing mark. He told my that my knowledge was excellent, however I missed out on leadership experience (I had no...
  9. baldie

    Observer Training pipeline?

    I am hopefully going to have a AIB in the near future for the role of Observer, does anyone have a copy of the training pipeline that is up to date (I only have one from 2015) Thanks in advance!
  10. B

    Will my AIB score get me into Dartmouth for Observer

    I know. I shouldn't be asking this question as there are a million threads on it. However I can't find one especially for Observers so just thought I would pop the question. After a bit of chopping and changing I've passed FATS for Observer and have passed AIB with a score of 108. Now obviously...
  11. P

    Advice wanted: Offered Observer but always had Pilot as my first choice

    Good Afternoon allSorry its a bit of a long one but thank you for the taking the time to read this threadI'm sure this has been an issue for many aircrew hopefuls before me, however I'm just looking for some fresh and sound advice (with the minimum level of bias if possible) from people...
  12. T

    Full Observer Training Pipeline

    Hi there,I have my Navy SIFT interview in just over a week, so have been researching the Royal Navy and all of the current deployments/equipment.However, while I nearly fully understand the training given at BRNC, the information out there regarding training afterwards is very conflicting. I...
  13. wafuloyal

    wafu secret santa HELP!

    Hi Guys, So - yesterday my "flight" drew our secret santa names, and i pulled out the FLOBS. The aim this year is to insult eachother as much as possible. I was wandering what sort of gifts you think would be offensive yet humorous to an Observer. I did find a book called i wish i were a...