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  1. Subsunk

    ‘Combat Biplanes of World War 2’ – Peter C. Smith, Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley, ISBN-1783400854

    Another definitive subject matter study, written by an expert and published by Pen & Sword. The pace of aircraft development up to, say 1990, generally was nothing short of phenomenal, but even so, there were phases when there were particularly rapid leaps forward. The decade of the 1930s, as...
  2. Seaweed

    Merchant Sailors at War 1943-45 by Philip Kaplan

    The author is American and has produced a large number of books about the Second World War, particularly about the war at sea. This offering does not just depict the MN; in showing the conditions and environment in which the merchant sailors served, the sea and the escorts feature strongly, and...
  3. Seaweed

    In Nelson’s Wake by James Davey

    (this book will be publicly released October 2015) ‘[The Royal Navy is] the real force and bulwark of England’ (Napoleon, to his surgeon on St Helena) Davey’s book describes the activity of the Royal Navy from the collapse of the Peace of Amiens in 1803 to the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. It is...
  4. Seaweed

    A Biographical Dictionary of the 20th Century RN by Alastair Wilson (vol.1)

    The book opens with the social-historical background which includes a lucid and valuable explanation on how entry, promotion, half-pay and retirement of Naval Officers worked, and changed over time, during the period; albeit there is later some repetition as the text develops. The author has...
  5. Seaweed

    The Road to Russia by Bernard Edwards

    This is the story of the Arctic convoys to Russia in 1942, with a particular focus on the disastrous PQ17 and its opposite number QP13, now reprinted by Pen and Sword from the original Leo Cooper edition of 2002. The author served at sea in the Merchant Service, latterly in command, for nearly...
  6. tiddlyoggy

    HMS Bellerophon by Colin A. Pengelly

    One for the purists here, the detail goes quite deep (right down to individual log entries), but if you're a bit of ship spotter it is a good read. The Napoleonic era is my favourite period from history so there was added appeal for me; this book tell of the life of the Bellerophon. The...
  7. Seaweed

    The Coward? by Steve Dunn

    Steve Dunn, businessman turned naval historian, here presents the first-ever biography of Admiral Sir Ernest Troubridge, the man universally blamed, after the event, for the escape of the German warships Goeben and Breslau to Constantinople in 1914. The political, social and family aspects of...