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    Direct entry Aircrewman

    Hi, I am booked in for my FATs in a couple of months and have a question! I understand Aircrew (pilot/obs) must pass AIB and I keep hearing about Aircrew ‘selection’ based on their AIB score and how competitive their FATs score. My question, as I am applying as Aircrewman, not Aircrew, and I...
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    Attended live event, noted interest..what now?

    Hi,I'm keen to join the RNR and have waited a long time for 'the right time'. I attended a recent live event with my other half and loved it, at the night we gave our details if interested in joining and now I'm wondering how long it usually takes for the RNR to get in contact and start the...
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    Hydrography and Meteorology Specialist

    Newbie here - hello :)I'm currently a physiotherapist in the NHS but am aiming to join the Navy as a Hydrography and Meteorology Specialist. I was wondering if anyone had recent experience with the role and could tell me what it is really like? I would prefer Hydrography but understand that...
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    Hi!I'm new here, but just wanted a little advice on potential roles. I initially applied to be a Biomed student, and passed the RT for it, however the University declined my entry, so I'm stuck between choosing another role. I'm pretty interested in MT or CT, and passed for MT but not for CT...