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    Help to prove a chief wrong

    Hi everyone. I am in Ganges at the moment on a weeks holdover until I can learn my trade at sultan. And the chief has just challenged me to find out what a harry Gomez is and what a walbart machine are. He's a chef by trade so any help will be much appreciated.
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    Mortgage - new joiner

    Hi -again... I phoned my local AFCO and they were extremely helpful with some of my questions but forgot to ask and couldn't find a direct answer here. I am in the process of buying a flat (via mortgage) where I currently live. I know from what I read that debt etc isn't ideal and taken into...
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    One Wall After Another

    Ever since I was young I have wanted to be a member of the Royal Navy. Specifically the Royal Marines. With this goal in mind I have always stayed fit from a very young age. I am incredibly passionate about joining up and honestly don't see my life going any other way. Though I have a couple of...
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    Writer (Submariner)

    Hi all, Haven't seen a thread directly about this role in the Submarine branch so I thought I'd start one. I am about to apply for the Royal Navy and I really like the look of the Writer Submariner role. I hear though writers do not spend much time at sea? Would this be the case for a Writer...