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  1. B

    Naval Nursing (student)

    Hi everyone! I am hoping that you clever lot could shed some light and advice on my selection board stage! I am very nervous and I am still planning on what subject to do! Have any of you got any tips/advice? It is all done virtually now, so don't worry about the advice on what happens on the...
  2. G

    Holdover Weekend Leave??

    Hello, My boyfriends been put onto holdover between his phase 1 and 2 training for 2 weeks. I was wondering if he’ll get the weekend off inbetween and the one after? Thank you!!
  3. A

    LET transferring from Navy to RM

    Hi all, bit of background first. WE submariner on LET’s course. Done just over five years now but I feel like I’m missing something career wise. It’s always eaten away at me that I should have joined the Marines or Army as a lad rather than the submarine service. I don’t regret my time, I’m...
  4. B

    Not being a confident swimmer

    Hi, Joining the navy has been on my mind for a couple months now but still thinking about if it’s right for me by weighing up the pros&cons, one of my concerns is I’m not a massively confident swimmer, water doesn’t phase me an neither scared of being on water i.e (on a boat) but when it comes...
  5. BFRS

    Technical Training Instructor - Naval - Dhahran

    An opportunity has become available for an Instructor to deliver Engineering – Maintenance Technology, and Electrical and Electronics Technology Training at the Technical Institute for Naval Studies based in Dhahran. In particular, the Instructors are expected to teach math, science and units...
  6. D

    TMO/Logistics Officer

    I just had a couple questions regarding the role of TMO and LO: 1. Are the Navy recruiting TMOs and LOs now? 2. Is it possible to do the AACC course as a LO? 3. When completing the AACC course as TMO, what would your role consist of? 3. Do TMOs get any seatime? 4. Roughly, how often do LOs...
  7. 1

    PRNC January 13th 2020

    Just putting this up for any other people who have their PRNC on 13/01/2020 so we can at least have someone we know when we get there or to help while preparing for it
  8. N


    Hi chaps, im about to qualify as a sparky after doing my 3 year apprenticeship with an electrical contractor, looking to join the RN by going in the AAS, the last 3 years at work ive pretty much not done any electrical work, ive been passing tools and watching my boss, apart from when ive been...
  9. C

    Fun in the Field August Bank Holiday.

    As some of you know we as a facebook Group hold a mini fest in Wiltshire to raise funds for Charity primary its for SSAFA. . This year it is being held over the August Bank holiday see link . The simple rule is this is a field with you bringing your own accommodation . There is some on site...
  10. T

    naval deployment

    Hi, I have applied to the royal navy When it gets to deployment do you get to choose or request what ship you want to be deployed on? thanks
  11. Y

    AIB Layout

    Hi This may be of interest to RN/RM/RFA Officer applicants, ive recently started a blog on my RFA recruitment 'journey', on my blog I've posted some hints and tips in addition to the layout of the AIB assessment. An excerpt is below and a web link is Day One: -Arrive...
  12. B


    Good evening, I am currently in the process of joining the navy and I have my medical on the 8th I was just wondering if anybody knew how long after your medical your fitness test is please?
  13. NotNickCarter

    New release

    Amazon UK Amazon USA
  14. D

    Logistics Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi all I am currently in the very early applcation stages, going for Logistics Officer. I have searched high and low over the internet for a detailed timeline on training; from the minute you arrive at BRNC to begin your initial training to when you finally complete your professional training...
  15. JackFH


    Alright guys I'm week 2 going into week 3 anyone have any questions about weeks 1 and 2 or anything else fire away.
  16. JackFH

    Week 2

    Alright guys I'm week 2 going into week 3 anyone have any questions about first 2 weeks or anything else fire away.
  17. K

    Time spent away from home?

    just curious to know how long you can be away from home and how long you’ll get when your back home?
  18. K

    Royal Navy test and Roles

    Recently applied for the Royal Navy as I had in the past but failed the test for the role In which I applied for, they then offered me a chef position and I stupidly turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to the see world as much as the...
  19. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered: 1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm? Any answers would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.
  20. C

    Question regarding UGAS

    On the website it says that when you complete the scheme you receive these qualifications: An Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Marine Engineering or NVQ L3 Diploma in WE Engineering Maintenance A Foundation Degree in Marine Engineering or Electronics Engineering A BEng (Hons) in Mechanical and...