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navy application

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    Application deferral

    Hi all I am posting looking for advice about current recruitment application process? Help and info is much appreciated. I'm part way through an application in to sub service and about a month or so ago, I failed a medical telephone assessment due to a few old injuries. There is no issue...
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    I have been given a date for my psychometric test to be a chef apprenticeship with the RFA. Yay!! I applied for it at the beginning of August. ! Sept 1st is when the test is. I am very nervous because I have dyslexia. I'm scared if I ask for help. I know everyone can be super nice about it...
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    Territorial Army to Navy Paperwork

    I used to be a chef in the Territorial Army back in late 2010 until early 2013. I asked to be terminated back in 2013. As I had made other plans with my life which did not work out. As a result, I am enlisting in the Navy. As part of the application I have been asked to get my discharge...