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    Aircrew Officer Pilot

    Just looking for up to date information on the role if possible whilst waiting to speak to my AFCO. Have applied as mine clearance diver however have decided I would prefer to join the FAA instead as an Aircrew officer pilot. I have looked at many previous threads however a lot date back to 2017...
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    Eczema from 2017

    In 2019 I applied for the navy but was rejected because I had eczema in 2017. I am now reapplying; the eczema was brought up by my career advisor. My question is: is the deferral for eczema 3 or 5 years? Because there is conflicting information online. I haven't had eczema since 2017 and I don't...
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    Application deferral

    Hi all I am posting looking for advice about current recruitment application process? Help and info is much appreciated. I'm part way through an application in to sub service and about a month or so ago, I failed a medical telephone assessment due to a few old injuries. There is no issue...
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    I have been given a date for my psychometric test to be a chef apprenticeship with the RFA. Yay!! I applied for it at the beginning of August. ! Sept 1st is when the test is. I am very nervous because I have dyslexia. I'm scared if I ask for help. I know everyone can be super nice about it...
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    Territorial Army to Navy Paperwork

    I used to be a chef in the Territorial Army back in late 2010 until early 2013. I asked to be terminated back in 2013. As I had made other plans with my life which did not work out. As a result, I am enlisting in the Navy. As part of the application I have been asked to get my discharge...