naval nurse

  1. D

    Naval nurse

    Hi I'm currently at college studying human biology health and social and photography. I have wanted to be a nurse in the navy ever since I was little and can't wait for my journey to begin. At the moment I'm debating wether or not to do my degree separately and then join the navy or do my degree...
  2. Juliaann99

    Naval Nursing

    Hi everyone, I started my Adult Nurse training in January of this year, so in 2 years time I will hopefully be a registered Nurse. I have always wanted to join the armed forces and considering to join after graduating. I have a good two years to decide on what I want to do. Up until recently...
  3. J

    Naval Nurse Adult (Student) Selection Board - a review

    Naval Nurse Adult (Student) Selection board – a review During my preparations for the NN selection board I found very little information from those who had sat the board recently. Now that a have sat the board myself I have decided to write this short review/overview of the board. Please do...