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naval chefs

  1. B

    Which role offers the best career advancement after serving in the Royal navy?

    I had to choose between chef and a mine warfare specialist roles but I'm wondering which of these roles can give a better career path after serving in the Navy or anytime I want to leave. Does the chef jobs pay well outside the armed forces or the mine warfare specialist ? I don't really know...
  2. B

    Realistic Food Expectations in the Royal Navy?

    Hi all, I'm hoping qualified Chefs or general Royal Navy personell might be able to provide me with some insight into something that is a concerning topic for me regarding joining the Royal Navy. :)In short, I've been interested in a career in the RN since childhood, as my father served as a...
  3. dapperdunn

    Pussers' Cookbook by Paul White

    I was looking forward to the arrival of the Pussers' Cookbook with bated breath as I enjoy reading cookery books almost as much as I enjoy a good novel.There are many cookbooks out there made up of ‘handed down’ recipes and it’s about time that a pusser’s chef (cook) took the time to do the...