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  1. rebbonk

    The Wigwam Murder: A Forensic Investigation in WW2 Britain - M J Trow

    The critical part of this review refers to the Kindle edition as viewed on my iPad and iPhone, not to any other version, nor to viewings on any other device(s).I can only describe this as below par. I’m by no means new to epub formats and have read hundreds over the years on my iPad or iPhone...
  2. janner

    Confessions of a Cartel Hitman......Martin Corona (with Tony Rafael)

    Corona spent most of his early life stealing and drug dealing, this was interspaced with periods of inprisonment. The first roughly 200 pages of the book seem to be a list of the names of people He had dealings with with very short descriptions of the various crimes that he was involved in...
  3. janner

    Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes

    An interesting and in places very graphic account of some of the most horrific crimes, both in Europe and the Middle East of the modern era.The Author started his Police career in the Metropolitan Police and then transferred to the Dorset Force after six years. He rose through the ranks...
  4. janner

    Dead Silent……Mark Roberts.

    A murder mystery with some Satanic overtones thrown in for good measure.Leonard Lawson, a professor of medieval art, had hidden a dark and sinister secret for 50 years. It took his macabre death linked to a series of other, apparently ritual, murders for the secret to be unearthed by DCI Eve...
  5. janner

    Scarlet Widow

    Scarlet Widow…….Graham Masterton.A Crime Thriller/Whodunit with a difference.It is initially set in London in the mid 1750’s then our Heroine moves to New Hampshire in America a few years later.The daughter of an apothecary she learns some of the basic skill from her farther and also...