1. Seaweed

    Home Waters (1914-1918) Cdr David D Bruhn USN(Retd) & Lt Cdr Rob Hoole RN(Retd)

    'Dawn off the Foreland - the young flood making/Jumbled and short and steep - 'Black in the hollows and bright where it's breaking -/Awkward water to sweep. '"Mines reported in the fairway,/"Warn all traffic and detain. '" 'Sent up Unity, Claribel, Assyrian, Stormcock, and Golden Gain."'...
  2. Seaweed

    Very Special Ships by Arthur Nicholson

    This is the story of the six Abdiel class minelayers of WW2. They were indeed ‘special’ as they were, apart from the unsatisfactory HMS Adventure of 1927, the only purpose-built fast minelayers the RN ever had, in size half way between a cruiser and a destroyer of WW2 vintage. Elegant and very...