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mine clearance diver

  1. W

    Mine Clearance Diver Fitness goals + advice

    I've looked at most threads on here about joining up as a MCD and got a few decent snippets of what life might be like in the branch. I was wondering if anyone here could give me some intricate details about what is expected of you fitness wise both before, during and after professional...
  2. Lewys2003

    Mine Clearance Diver/Specialist Seaman.

    Morning everyone, Just a quick question to ask anyone who's been through the process, I was told about 2 weeks ago that I could not pursue my role as an Observer as I had a history of asthma. Even though I was quite gutted, I am still very motivated to join the RN and just was asking about...
  3. E

    Diver live-in/hell week?

    I've heard during divers course, there's a hell week. Anyone care to shed some light?
  4. O

    Waiting list for Mine Clearance

    Hello, so today I was told my application would be approved to go further in regards to the mine clearance role after having passed my follow up interview. I was told the waiting list is 15 months however, I have no clue as to when the timer for this starts. will I be completing my PRNC first...
  5. E

    Entry route

    Afternoon,I've been out the Army about 2 years and want to look at joining as a mine clearance diver, however I've heard the job has a shocking waiting list for the PDA and diver medical. Instead of doing that I'm looking to join as a mine warfare specialist then hopefully transfer branch to...
  6. T

    MCD PDA swimming technique

    Hello everyoneI'm in the early stages of my application for the role of mine clearance diver. I haven't even had my interview with my AFCO yet so perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, however, fortune favors the prepared.I'm confident in my strength and running but I'd like some clarification...
  7. R

    Mine clearance diver questions

    Hi, I have recently applied for the role of mine clearance diver and as i prepare for my interview I'm trying to find more information about the role. A few subjects I am really struggling to find information on a few things such as what diving equipment is used, a new recruit and divers duties...
  8. D

    Clearance Diver Deployments

    Gents,I know this seems a bit of a daft question but how often would a RN Diver expect to deploy?I am currently serving as a SNCO in the RAF but am looking to transfer although I am aware that the branch is currently closed. The question is more for my wife, currently I deploy every 2 years...
  9. M

    mine clearance diver

    Im currently applying for the role of mine clearance diver, the waiting list correct as of today is till 2021, which the AFCO told me they received on the friday just gone.I have booked in for my PADI open water course, starting in 2 weeks to try get as much dive experience as possible before...
  10. TheMau5e

    Failed AIB entry for warfare

    Hi all, I failed AIB today. None the less extremely happy as I learnt alot about myself from the process!I've been advised to reapply for officer after serving 2 or 3 years to build confidence regarding group discussions and putting my ideas on the table.I was told to go down the path as...
  11. J

    MCD or ME

    I'm currently a few months into my navy application as an MCD, I have passed my psych test, eye test & medical. I had my selection interview at my local AFCO yesterday morning with my careers adviser, he told me he would give me a 'partial pass' meaning he would not give me a date for my PJFT...