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mental health

  1. Sarah7144

    Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity

    HiI hope it's ok to post this here. I hope you might have seen our adverts recently in the press, we're highlighting the needs of veterans' with mental health conditions and the vital role the public play in funding our work.As ever, if you'd like to know more, please do contact me.Thank...
  2. H

    RFA Anti-Depresants

    Hello all,I am currently waiting for an update on my application for the RFA for Steward, for the ENG1 what do they look at in regards to mental health?I am on anti-depressants 20mg and have been for over a year and am in the process of coming off them. I am on a stable dosage, not had any...
  3. R

    Medical depression

    Hi all, new here. looking for some clarification and advice on the medical side of things if anyone can be off assistance. I have carefully looked over both the online medical eligibility form and also the capita medical questionnaireHoping to join RNR but also expecting the strong...
  4. D

    History of depression can i still join.

    Hi. Just wondering I have a history of depression, attempted suicide last January. Is there still chance in the future years to join or is that it period?
  5. A

    Am I banned from joining the navy?

    Hi, I'm looking to join the navy as an adult nurse when I finish my degree in 2021. Unfortunately when I was 15 I experienced some mental health issues and I tried to commit suicide twice.From what I've read I understand this probably denies me entry to the forces, I was just looking for any...
  6. potnoodle

    Mental health

    I was just wondering if you can be restricted to join if you have had mental health problems. I’ll say it as bluntly as possible as I would just like answers but last year In March I tried to overdose, and was put on antidepressants for 6 months. I’m so much better now and have no suicidal or...
  7. H

    History of depression

    Hi, I am planning to start the application process to join up but I have a few concerns over my past medical issues. About 5 years ago I lost 5 members of my family to suicide over a period of about 12 months. As you can imagine this left me with a lot of anger and other emotions. My doctor...
  8. B

    Joining the Royal Navy with past mental health issues

    Hi,I am currently a 19 year old female student (BA Sociology) in my second year and have come to the realisation that I may have gone to uni because I felt so pressured to do so. The degree I am doing interests me, but I think that I just enjoy it as a subject and perhaps not as a career...
  9. C

    Chances of passing my medical?: previous mental health

    Hi,By June 2021, over a year and a half from now, I will have graduated with a Business and Management (BA) degree. Upon graduation I would like to join the Royal Navy as a logistics officers. In terms of my fitness and medical I believe I would pass, other than I have previous mental health...
  10. E

    Anxiety and discharge

    My fiance has been having panic attacks, none have happened at work to my knowledge. He's just been promoted to leading hand, family life is good. There is nothing that's actually wrong. But he has trouble sleeping, random crying spells and panic attacks, although months apart they are a...
  11. J

    CBT and joining the Navy

    Okay so,Im currently a royal naval scholar, having passed all of the selection boards and medical exams. I will now attend Uni, and then join BRNC for training.2 years ago I had CBT for an anxiety disorder, this was then disclosed in the medical exam and I was told it wouldn't be a problem...