1. M

    Suxamethonium Sensitivity - advice needed

    Bit of a strange one, But filling out the medical forms you have to declare Suxamethonium sensitivity. However it is not included on the permenant bars from service. It only states serious allergies or ones requiring adrenaline/epi-pens. Just wondering if there are any medical guys that...
  2. B

    Bell's Palsy - Medical

    I am in the first stages of my Royal Navy officer as a HM Officer. Having just sat my Recruit Test and SIFT Interview, I went on my acquaint and absolutely loved it. The next stage I understand is the medical tests, including the fitness and eye tests. I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy more...
  3. D

    Need Medical advice ASAP!

    Hi, I am 16 years old I am just about to finish my GCSEs and wish to join the Royal Navy, its been a life long ambition, and I have had a naval family since the 1800s. I did however receive the news that I am not eligible to be "a military man" by a doctor due to a heart condition, I have a...
  4. T


    I was declared TMU yesterday after my medical. The doctor said everything was fine but I fractured my wrist when I was 12 y/o and apparently it's standard procedure to check the gp records regarding any fracture. The doc said it should be fine after reviewing the records since I've had no...
  5. G


    hello, I have passed my over the phone medical and I was given an medical appointment time to go for 20th June at 10:30 in Bristol. After I told my mum the good news, she said she has booked a holiday for Rome and flying on the same day at 1:30 from Cardiff and was keeping it a surprise for me...
  6. Z

    Rejection from Army.. same with RN?

    I've recently been rejected by the army twice due to back pain from 2013. It said something along the lines of '12 weeks or more of back pain results in rejection' I've had time to reconsider my options and i'm thinking about the royal navy reserves. I can't find any medical eligibility for...
  7. S

    Athlete's foot

    At my last medical the doctor declared me TMU due a fungal nail infection, i looked on the list of skin conditions which are a bar to entry and athletes foot was not on there so can i object this?
  8. S

    Medical Appeal

    After a long medical process I was referred to the senior medical officer for a bout of hair pulling when I was a teenager and some weeks later pronounced PMU for 'a prolonged anxiety related episode during [my] mid teens'. I am planning to appeal it, on the grounds that I believe the hair...
  9. S

    Medical review-Hearing

    Hi all I am currently being held up at the medical stage after being made TMU a second time for my hearing, on my medical the doctor did mention a slight hearing loss, but didnt bring it up for further investigation, after my first paper review it was brought up that I show over 45db...
  10. L

    Medical today.

    Finally, after months of waiting I have my medical today. Weird thinking it could end here today. Fingers are firmly crossed. Wish me luck.
  11. Jockyfisher

    Medical Records are Missing

    Afternoon all, Currently am applying as an officer I have filled out my initial questionnaire, had the phone medical and was then TMU'd for acne and told to come back in another 6 weeks, however when I went to my GP to get treatment I was informed that my medical records have still not been...
  12. M

    Questions about my medical

    hi guys I have a few concerns I have medical problems but they are just minor I have: Flat feet: fortunately my feet doesn't ache and I have insoles I take levothyroxine and losarton these are for my kidneys and thyroid I will probably stop taking the levothyroxine in the near future. These...
  13. tbfyb

    question about my medical

    I've just been given the date for my interview and a lot of sheets to fill.I've been given mixed messages about my medical though. do I go to my GP and have it done or do I wait until after my interview? I have a sheet that looks like it should be filled out by a doctor which has 2 boxes at the...
  14. L

    Another boring question but I'm confused..

    Hi all, hope you're well. So today I received a letter from my AFCO telling me I need to record a 3 month military style training diary because I may be asked for evidence of exercise at my medical. Today is 25th February. My medical is on the 14th March. I don't see how I can fill in my...
  15. D

    Eczema... again!

    Hello Rum Rationers, I'm about to start an application to join up as AET. I had a skin complaint a 18m ago where the skin on my fingers were splitting, I was referred to Derm Specialist who prescribed tablets that I didn't take because they would stop me from donating blood. I used coconut...
  16. L

    Medical Question

    Hi guys sorry to bore you with yet another medical question. Capita asked my GP for some information on a few things and those documents are being reviewed on Tuesday. How likely am I to make it to full medical or does this depend on what my GP has said/sent?
  17. D

    Failed medical requiring advice

    Hi, as the title says I failed my medical for having heartburn before Christmas (before I continue I must explain that I DO NOT disagree with this). The reason being that I required medication from the GP for this heartburn. However the doctor explained to me in my medical that I would be able...
  18. L

    Medical Waiting Times...

    Hi all, a very good evening to you. So I recently completed my peak flow diary which I did for 30 days(Ended 15th December) I posted it back to Capita the very next day. I also had a letter from my doctors to say they would be sending my medical records off to Capita today 22nd December...
  19. P

    PMU, without even a face-to-face medical

    Any idea where to go from here? I waited months only to hear back that I am permanently medically unfit without ever having been assessed by a Capita doctor in person. Is this normal? Already passed my fitness, eye test, and security clearance.
  20. S

    Medical board chances of being discharged after just having an op

    Basically the navy have taken 1 year to et me the surgery I need on my ankle (due to destroying ligaments whilst playing football for ship) and i finnaly have my op in January but I'm being referred to Medical board in February time. What's the chances of me staying becuase I have only been in 3...