1. T

    Medical question

    Hi! Ive got my medical booked for late January and I have a small question someone might be able to answer. I was reading through the email and I saw that it was recommended that men can wear cycling shorts for the medical, I am female and was wondering if I could do the same? I don't see why...
  2. tbfyb

    Latex allergy- inactive

    I posted a bit ago about finding out I had a latex allergy from 4 years ago, which I’ve never had. My Gp has put it as inactive and on my med records there is no other incident since this, no other medication prescribed or anything. I rang up my afco and they said it’s usually 4 year clear but...
  3. M

    How to gain weight to reach 60kg

    Does anyone have any advice to reach the minimum weight requirement of 60kg? I weight 57kg now and maybe 58/59 on a good day but I know I'll need to reach 60. I'm not worried about my bmi becoming too high after the weight gain it is 21 currently. But it is easier for me to lose weight than gain...
  4. D

    Please read

  5. tbfyb

    Ganglion cyst

    bit of an odd one, I have a small lump on my wrist and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a ganglion cyst, it’s only noticeable when I bend it and if you pay close attention to my wrist. I’ve had it for about 9 month (it comes and goes) I keep trying to pop it but nothing seems to be working. In...
  6. Foxbar

    Temporarily Medically Unfit

    I recently got declared temporarily medically unfit by Capita (delightful folk...). It was due to a diagnosis of depression by a GP almost two years ago now I believe, can't remember the exact date. Never took medication, counselling, psychiatric treatment and have no recurring symptoms. In...
  7. tbfyb

    Dental cavity

    I’ve got a cavity in one of my teeth if I get it filled in should I tell my Afco and if I don’t I could get booted out of raleigh or am I worrying too much?
  8. M

    Clearing up medical history

    hello, I might have a few problems or at least things that would cause concern in my medical history, quite a few years ago probably 4 or 5 years I was young and became sad and introverted because I was having a bad time at school and a bad time at home so my mother wanted me to see a GP, the...
  9. N

    Dental Question

    hi, I am looking to join up in the next few months. The only medical worry I have is that I have a clicky jaw that comes and goes, TMD - temporomandibular disorder. Would this mean I would fail the medical? Thanks
  10. J

    Capita Triage Call and what best to do now?

    Hello, So I have had my Capita Triage call and they are contacting my GP for information regarding 'Low Mood' around Novmeber 2015. They have stated that if the incident is just November 2015 it is a straight pass however if the problem is a bit more extended e.g January, will this just be a...
  11. tbfyb

    HMS Raleigh medical worry

    I’m rather worried about the medical at hms Raleigh as early in the year I had a slight neck pain which I went to the doctors for but wasn’t prescribed with anything and passed my doctors medical without a hitch. When I go to Raleigh I think it’ll be about a year since I went to the docs for it...
  12. J

    Help with Medical and thoughts

    Hello, I have recently completed the Psychometric Tests and I am now in the process of completing a medical questionnaire as well as preparing for the interview. I am going in as a rating hopefully but have noticed that the questionnaire talks about people diagnosed with low mood may be...
  13. ws1602

    Trying to join - fight against the medical

    Hello, So I went through the application process last year and I was told that I couldn't join (medically unfit) due to having "eczema". I was told that after 3 years of being clear I could try and apply again. So I emailed the AFCO to see when I could start again as it will be 3 years next...
  14. S

    Doctors on Submarines

    Hello. I'm currently considering joining the navy as a medical officer, and I'm considering joining the submarine service. I understand that the initial commission length for a MO is 6 years. If I spent those 6 on a boat, would I be able to change to surface if I renewed my commission, or would...
  15. tbfyb

    HMS Raleigh medical

    when I did my first interview I was tmu’d for dyspraxia (which I’ve grown out of) then at my medical I was tmu’d for an undecended testicle (Yeah yeah I know hilarious) then I got tmu’d a third time for a broken finger I broke 3 years ago but all that’s been cleared now. Other than that I’m...
  16. JRA

    Medical Appeal - Knee Crepitus and Acne Treatment

    Hello all, Applicant for Warfare Officer here. I had my triage phone call with a nurse from CAPITA this morning, and was informed that I've been deemed medically unfit for two reasons: - Mild knee pain (which only occurred once after a long run in September) - Currently...
  17. tbfyb

    Please answer asap!

    so basically I'm just waiting for my dates to do my selection so Ive done my medical but recently Ive got a small cavity on a filling and I'm wondering if I should get it sorted or not incase it'll effect anything or tmu me? Thanks for any replies
  18. YorkieSpecs

    Any Biomedical Scientists?

    I'm currently applying as a Biomedical Scientist Student. I just wanted to hear from any Biomedical Scientists serving (I know there aren't many but any advice / tips would be great!) about what you get up to in a day? Do you serve much time at sea? Was there a long waiting list because of the...
  19. S

    Changing my application?

    So I've just sent off an appeal for my medical. I'm trying not to get too excited, but I'm hopeful. However, because the process has so far taken over a year to sort out, my circumstances have changed slightly and I need to think about my future. I know I want to go into the navy if my appeal...