1. Avocadolol


    Who the heck are capita and what do they do? I know it’s something medical but not fully sure!
  2. P

    Possible medical issue

    I'm currently in the application process for the RM and had my medical the other day. The medical couldn't be completed since I didn't have ID with me at the time. I passed all the tests (hearing, joints etc) except the one which required me to show ID, one of which I'm guessing is a check of...
  3. S

    Medical reviewed by senior medical officer

    I recently had my medical and unfortunately i got a letter saying that it has been put on hold until it is reviewed by a senior medical officer and i am currently TMU. I dont know what bit exactly needs to be reviewed, i have asked my careers officer about that but i am just wondering if anyone...
  4. I


    Sorry to post I have my medical in 19 days and starting to get stressed. I had tonsillitis which caused a case of guttate psoriasis (will that cause disqualification?) and since application I have been really focusing on press up which I’m just kinda having the strength to do. Will I be asked or...
  5. C

    Chances of passing my medical?: previous mental health

    Hi, By June 2021, over a year and a half from now, I will have graduated with a Business and Management (BA) degree. Upon graduation I would like to join the Royal Navy as a logistics officers. In terms of my fitness and medical I believe I would pass, other than I have previous mental health...
  6. R


    Can anyone that has passed the ENG1 and is overweight shed some light on the requirements? I’m currently 5ft7 and 17.8st down from 21st. I’m concerned I may be too overweight to pass but wanted to know if there was anyone the same or even higher that’s passed? I’m aware I may need to do a step...
  7. janner

    Fittest of the Fit......Kevin Brown

    Fittest of the Fit…………….Kevin Brown. The Author obviously has a deep interest in Naval medicine and has written other books on the subject. Currently he is the curator of the Alexander Fleming Museum at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. The book covers Heath and Morale in the Royal Navy...
  8. J

    Royal Navy appeal

    Hi all, Apologies in advanced for any grammatical or spelling mistakes/errors and I understand this will be a rather long and complicated read.. So, about a month ago I had my Triage medical phone call for the Royal Navy and they TMU'd me at first for a history of food allergies. I was...
  9. A

    How long are medical assistant deployments for submariners ?

    Can anyone tell me how long the deployment is for a medical assistant, how long until you rotate out? Thank you
  10. B

    Medical exam cancelled

    Hi, I’m currently applying to become a royal marine officer and was scheduled to have my face to face medical exam this Thursday (20/06/19). It’s been cancelled by Capita and pushed back over 2 weeks. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this is normal or if it’s likely to be due...
  11. C

    Medical Assessment at Raleigh

    Hello, I am scheduled to start basic training sometime soon and I am a bit worried as to the medical you do on your first few days at Raleigh. I failed my first medical Assessment due to microscopic haematuria but was cleared by my doctor about two months back as all my organs are in perfect...
  12. E

    Anxiety and discharge

    My fiance has been having panic attacks, none have happened at work to my knowledge. He's just been promoted to leading hand, family life is good. There is nothing that's actually wrong. But he has trouble sleeping, random crying spells and panic attacks, although months apart they are a...
  13. V

    RN Reserves Medically Questionairre

    Hi, 26yo looking to join the reserves. Can anyone share the medical process for joining? I can see you require a form to be sent to your GP for the regs but is this the same for the reserves? I had one case of depression in 2011 where I was diagnosed sertraline - but that was it. I’ve never...
  14. A

    RNR - No medical experience

    I am currently working for a large civil engineering company dealing with water resources who do a lot of work for WASH (water sanitation health) projects and the likes. I would very much like to get into the humanitarian side of things and therefore the skills I can pick up in the naval...
  15. B

    Aircrew Medical Advice

    Hi Chaps, Had a look around but have not really seen anything on the topic. Was wondering if anyone had an expertise in the area of the Aircrew Medical and Training/Gym Supplements. I take a number of supplements for rugby and weight training (All legal and trusted by sport approved) however...
  16. C

    Royal Navy-Microscopic Haematuria

    Hello, I have been going through my application process for the RN and have been TMU(temporarily medical unfit) as a result of microscopic haematuria which were in my urine samples. I have done additional tests required by the Navy (renal ultrasound and blood test) and my doctor said my kidneys...
  17. S

    Is my eyesight too bad for the navy?

    With glasses my eyesight is corrected to 20/20 however my prescription is +5.25 and +8.00 and I can see perfectly with them on
  18. C

    Potential PMU

    ** Moved to another thread **
  19. A

    DGE Warfare Officer 2019 Application: My journey.

    I've seen others post about their journey through applications, and I thought that it might be helpful for others that are in my situation (and helpful for me to self reflect), if I shared my process too. A bit about me: I am a recent graduate (MA International Relations (East Asia), Durham)...