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  1. T

    Application deferral

    Hi all I am posting looking for advice about current recruitment application process? Help and info is much appreciated. I'm part way through an application in to sub service and about a month or so ago, I failed a medical telephone assessment due to a few old injuries. There is no issue...
  2. jsdoddy

    RN Medical - “Permanently Medically Unfit”

    Hi, I recently had the results back for my medical and have been declared PMU after they referred it to a senior Doctor. I wasn't actually assessed due to Covid-19, they are just going off my questionnaire and medical history in which I have a scaphoid fracture 4 years ago. They are saying...
  3. N

    Colour perception in medical

    Hiya lads hope you're all doing well during lockdown 2, got a tricky one for you lot. I've got my date set for 1st March as Warfare Specialist, everything's sorted and I had my face to face medical yesterday, passed everything but then the bloke shown me the dreaded ishihara test and only just...
  4. B

    Re-applying and the medical.

    Hi, a couple of years ago I applied to join the Royal Navy as a logistician. I had my date for raleighs which was may just gone, I pulled out on the very day I was supposed to start, this was because my father had passed away not long before and I don’t believe I would of been focussed, also my...
  5. A

    Excess Weight - COVID challenges and a failed medical

    I'm after some advice regarding weight and the medical side of things. I did my medical for the Royal Navy Reserves back in March 2020 and unfortunately did not pass as I was fractionally over the BMI range for my height/weight ratio. Shortly after, everything kicked off with COVID and whilst I...
  6. M

    Pre-joining medical : where is it?

    Hi not sure if this has been answered in previous threads... I have my Medical face to face booked on 16th of this month with a very vague email from capita saying it’s a meeting with one of their doctors on that date. There isn’t anything about where it’s based... I can only assume it’s in...
  7. U

    Appeal Evidence

    Greetings. I have an upcoming triage call with capita. Despite believing I fall under the requirements for jsp950 regarding spinal fractures I fully expect them to make me PMU considering what I've read about their reputation. When I submit an appeal, would it be okay to submit a note from my...
  8. W

    Failed Medical- Eczema

    Hello, I recently had a medical review whereby I was deemed 'medically unfit' by Capita. The reason being was down to 'eczema on hands'. Seven months ago, I had an isolated incident of a small dry patch approximately the size of a 5 pence coin on my left hand, more specifically, in the area...
  9. mick1199

    Anyone else waiting on Capita?

    I understand this has probably discussed before and I’ve heard how Capita are quite infamous for taking their time with things. My application has absolutely flew through until I was made TMU during triage. My GP surgery sent off an invoice to Capita a few days ago, until this is processed they...
  10. K

    Deemed PMU, advice?

    Hello, Just been hit with the unfortunate news that I've been deemed PMU by Capita. The situation essentially goes that I had one bout of mild dermatitis (eczema) almost 8 years ago, all I was given was some aqueous cream (basically moisturiser) and told that it should dissipate soon. It was...
  11. I

    Previous mental health records.

    Hi all. Planning to send my application to the RN at some point this year. I’m confident with all the eligibility aspects however I am somewhat concerned at a previous mental health issue I had. I was off sick from work (was working in NHS at the time and was off for about 6-7weeks) for a short...
  12. A

    Joining with hay-fever.

    Alright guys. Just looking for some advice. So when I was a kid I had mild asthma blue and brown inhalers that sort of stuff. Its never affected me majorly I've never has asthma attacks nothing like that but hay-fever sometimes makes it flare up a little. Its not a major concern to me but I'm...
  13. S

    Medical appeal

    Hi just a quick one, dont know if it has already been asked or that but i had sent in my medical appeal on the 12th march 2020 and then obciously we went into lock down a couple weeks after that, i was wondering if anyone knows if the appeals are back up and getting processed or anything like...
  14. S

    Royal Fleet auxillary Medical exam

    Hi, about half a year ago i applied for the british army, had my medical exam and was barred due to the fact i have familial hypercholesterolemia. i understand the RFA have different guidelines for medical exams. i was wondering that even though i have familial hypercholesterolemia and have to...
  15. R

    GP medical paperwork delays

    Hi, I have reached the medical stage of my application and am currently waiting on my GP to send the paperwork requested back to Capita Defence. Before starting my Royal Navy application I recently (about 2 months ago) switched from my university GP to my local home GP. When I called my home GP...
  16. Z

    Royal Navy triage call

    Hi guys wondering if use could give me a little help here I am getting a call from the triage nurse some point next week, I was having a scan over my own copy of the medical questionnaire and I’ve realised there a couple of things I’ve forgotten to say one was a football injury I had to go to...
  17. T

    Medical Bars?

    Hi all, Apologies, this is a long message! I'm hoping to join the RN as a qualified ODP and have started the application process, however, reading through the medical bars I have a few questions. One is in regard to migraines, and the other Rosacea. When I was about 16 I was diagnosed with...
  18. D

    medical triage call eczema

    hello all, I am looking for the best way to go about conducting my medical triage with regards to eczema. I do not want to lie what so ever. However if there are trigger words or phrases to avoid using or ways in which i could play it down as much as possible they would be great to know. I...
  19. Avocadolol


    Who the heck are capita and what do they do? I know it’s something medical but not fully sure!
  20. P

    Possible medical issue

    I'm currently in the application process for the RM and had my medical the other day. The medical couldn't be completed since I didn't have ID with me at the time. I passed all the tests (hearing, joints etc) except the one which required me to show ID, one of which I'm guessing is a check of...