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medical records

  1. T

    Access to private medical records?

    Hi all, I’ve got a tricky question to ask and would appreciate any advice! I’m 30 this year and going through the RM recruitment process. Last year I had some counselling through BUPA for my drinking. From researching the medical requirements, it looks like you have to be treatment free 3 years...
  2. C

    Potential PMU

    ** Moved to another thread **
  3. Q

    Medical Record Question

    I’ve been to my GP to discuss my medical record and he’s only got a record of when I was registered there - and nothing from a GP I was at in between. Does this mean that when the RN request my record they’ll not get any of the files from the other GP, only my current one? I only ask because at...
  4. M

    Suxamethonium Sensitivity - advice needed

    Bit of a strange one,But filling out the medical forms you have to declare Suxamethonium sensitivity. However it is not included on the permenant bars from service. It only states serious allergies or ones requiring adrenaline/epi-pens.Just wondering if there are any medical guys that...
  5. Jockyfisher

    Medical Records are Missing

    Afternoon all, Currently am applying as an officer I have filled out my initial questionnaire, had the phone medical and was then TMU'd for acne and told to come back in another 6 weeks, however when I went to my GP to get treatment I was informed that my medical records have still not been...
  6. DontDrown

    TMU "Old War Story" Usual Boring Queries; but any advice most welcome!

    Simple question: last week after my telephone interview with the CAPITA Triage Nurse, I received my automated standard email advising that due to several historical medical 'queries' (e.g. issues such as having an operation on a leg vein when I was fifteen) that I had flagged within my written...